In 2021 the price of oil was very high and they seemed ready to go down for a long time. Along with gas prices, environmental concerns are leading consumers to pursue clean options for gas-fired engines. That is why the demand for electric vehicles has never been higher and past designs have made it harder to enter the market, but more people are driving EVs than before and their numbers seem to be growing along with gas prices.

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However, if one is considering buying an EV, Teslam and one of the new EVs are being produced by competitors, there are some important things to consider. EVs are more affordable and practical car choices than ever before, but there are still some obstacles to owning one.

10 It is one of the most vulnerable cars for ransomware.


Most EVs come with a lot of built-in technology, especially Tesla. Because the technology is new, it is still extremely vulnerable to hacking. Ransomware is getting into cars and hackers have hijacked some cars.

Toyota electric vehicles.
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This means that once you have hijacked the car, you can lock it remotely until you pay the ransom. While federal authorities are handling the case, EVs are one of the most frequently attacked.

9 Not every charger / adapter is compatible with every car

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One might think that car manufacturers are designing EVs as a universal plug-in to make gas stations as accessible as possible. While gas-burning vehicles all have a universal port for fuel pumps, EVs are generally not designed, most are DC-operated, and the adapter heads can vary from car to car.

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In other words, when looking for a plug, you need to make sure that the socket fits your work and model, which is a big problem compared to gas cars.

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8 Charging can take hours.

The Ford F-150 Lightning EV truck is charging at night.
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Some charging stations are overcharged, and it may take up to 8 hours for Eve’s battery to be fully charged, depending on the wattage and how low the battery was when it was first charged.

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Although some people reduce their charging time to just one hour, this is still much longer than it takes to drain a fuel tank.

7 You save money on gas (but increase your electricity bills)

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Now, this is where math comes in handy. Buying an EVA means a reduction in the price of gas, but you may lose that difference due to the increase in your electricity bill. But just because you pay for your car at home does not mean that you will lose money on gas.

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Sustainability Environmental Release Details

If you want to know if EV is harming their electricity bill, there are several things to consider. One has to consider how many watts are needed to charge the car, how many hours your electric company has to spend, and how much money to spend on gas.

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6 Charging stations are still hard to find.

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With the increasing number of charging stations, some gas stations are offering services and some hotels and office stations are charging, but the EVs are still not dominated by the market because many do not find EV fuel efficient. Sites.

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Also, most EVs still have a very low range and are not the most practical and long drive for city driving, as most EV charging stations can only be found in major cities. Many charging stations are readily available in cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, but rural areas and the Midwest still do not have significant access to EVs.

5 Fire is still a great danger.

Tesla burning
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Since the cars depend entirely on battery power, the batteries in the EV can easily overheat. Over the past few years, most of the car fires that have been caused by heat have been EVs.


While there are many things to do to protect Evan, one must acknowledge that this is one of the biggest shortcomings in the market.

4 Their values ​​tend to decline rapidly.

2021 Tesla Model Y
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Maybe it’s because parts like the central battery are hard to replace or they are still very new and vulnerable to market demand, but for some reason the price of the EV goes down very quickly. Made by gas burning cars.

Tesla Model S Plaid

EVs can be reduced by 52% after 3 years, which makes one less economical in the long run, despite the fact that one saves on gas.

3 They can help you lower your taxes.

Subaru Soltera 2022 2
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There are some federal tax incentives to be green, including subsidies of up to $ 10,000, some of which may be used to make up for the difference as your electricity bill increases. Some states, such as California, offer additional tax incentives to convert to EV.

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However, like any other tax-related issue, it can be very difficult to navigate the system. If you do this to get tax benefits, you should consult an accountant or tax authority before you decide to buy an EV.

How to prepare related Volkswagen for EV merchants.

2 The range on EVs is still limited.

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As mentioned above, the range on most EVs is very low, most of them can stay around 300 miles before they need to be refilled.

Volvo XC90

While that may make them a practical choice to drive in the city, it can also be useful for long trips because it can be used throughout the day and then paid for at night.

1 Plug-In Hybrids are safer but more expensive than EVs

2021 Toyota Prius
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Hybrids are more reliable than EVs because of the two power generation methods, which make the cars more fuel efficient and reliable in case of fuel shortages.

2021 Toyota Prius
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There are many legitimate reasons for buying an EV, but one must know all the facts for better or worse before making such a decision.

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