A.D. November 20, 2021, Facebook post created: “Verify this correctly. It shows a deceptive meme that shows charcoal electric cars being charged in the parking lot. The full text of the note reads: “Coal electric cars. Helping liberals pretend they are solving their faith problem.

The post asked for “verification of this.”

Another Facebook post with the same meme is posted on the Normal Customs page with the caption “True”. It acquired over 16,000 shares.

Mem did not show any electric cars in the parking lot.
Mem, which was labeled “True,” was a lie.

However, this picture shows no evidence that electric cars are being charged with charcoal.

On December 15, 2014, Wired.com reported that the first photo came from General Electric (GE). The statement read: “Electric car chargers in the parking lot of the GE Global Research Headquarters in Niscauna, New York. It is located in Shenektadi County, a few miles north of Niskai and Albany.

According to Warred, the painting was an example of GE creating a more energy efficient way to charge electric cars. He combined artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately estimate how much electricity was needed to generate electricity.

In NCCC, the largest buildings, often with parking garages and EV chargers, are charged for their total energy consumption and maximum usage, with the maximum amount of energy in a 15-minute window per month. The reason here is that when a building needs a lot more energy, it has to withstand the cost of covering the power plant for even a few minutes a day.

“The goal is to distribute the payment and deliver it at the most convenient time of the day,” said Matt Nielsen, chief scientist at the Gigi Global Research Center. The system predicts how the building will use energy and what it will do in the next 24 hours, taking into account holidays, weather, day of the week and more. It looks at the future of the parking garage, including how many cars need to be plugged in and when needed, with an intelligent payment system designed to maximize maximum usage. Based on all of this, the chargers change the amount of juice sent to cars, sometimes lowering it to zero if necessary. Of course, people can override this if they want their car to be fully charged.

According to the US Department of Energy, Senekadadi County’s electricity supply comes from natural gas. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also published many myths about electric vehicles, which should raise further questions on this topic. In addition, we did not find any indication that the painting was powered by charcoal in the Shenekadadi area in 2014, when it was first published.

This was very misleading about Mime II, who called climate change a “crisis of belief.” As we mentioned earlier in another image analysis, the Climate Crisis is a non-political, scientific-based problem that has been the subject of personal opinion for decades.

In October 2021, the Associated Press (AP) reported: “Climate change in 2021 will change the course of life on the planet.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that in the United States alone, more than $ 1 billion has been lost this year due to climate change. Those 18 disasters killed 538 people and injured nearly $ 105 billion. A.D. During the 1980’s, there were only three such accidents during the year.

According to a report by Air WorldWide, extreme weather costs $ 320 billion a year worldwide, with only a third of total insurance coverage.

“We now have five times more climate change than we did in 1970; It is seven times more expensive ” [U.N. Secretary-General Antonio] Guterres speaks of global totality. “Even the most developed countries are at risk.”

All in all, the “Coal electric cars” Mem was very misleading. For the reasons listed in our report, we classify them as “false”.


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