• Although the company has moved away from internal combustion, Cadillac is stuck with performance-enhancing vehicles.
  • Improved development The next generation is already helping to create high-performance Cadillac models.
  • “There will be different levels of Cadillac performance in the future,” said Cadillac Chief Engineer Brandon Vivian.

    The American Methane Compressor has come a long way since the days of Catherine. General Motors, a luxury brand with the best Germans to take the best Germans, has been turning its decades-old brand into a powerhouse. CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing indicate the highest water mark for Cadillac. GM has invested a lot of time, money, and engineering talent in this turn of events, just to throw most of the brand into the trash and re-establish itself.

    For two generations, the Cadillac offered only one performance difference in the medium-sized CTS-V. He was good enough, but he offered a lot of performance sedan and a lot of strength from overseas racing. Yes, Audi works with RS4 and RS6, but they also build one level below the strongest S versions, as well as BMW and Mercedes. In an effort to match the arts with German competitors, Cadillac recognized ATS-V in the older generation, realizing the need for more than CTS.

    Cadillac CEO, Brandon Vivian: “We compete, we always run. We also believe that racing makes our road cars better. [The features on our V-series Blackwing cars are] Similar features on our race cars. We talk a lot about binary options. When you look at the mature V-series and you see in the market, you see that there are mid-performance vehicles and very high-performance vehicles. And we felt it was time to play and win in both places. We do not produce cars that we do not believe will win.

    Switching to second-generation alpha chassis, Cadillac revised its strategy and naming program. CTS and ATS CT5 and CT4, that’s easy. The V name, however, has its own cut. Once upon a time there was a large dog, Cadillac Vine was promoted to middle-class manager, and Blackweek became the new grandfather. In fact, the blackout was the name of a dual-camera V8 built for the CT6-V before the entire chassis was broken. That sounds like mud, doesn’t it?

    If we look at the story, we believe that Cadillac’s popularity has always been a fabrication.

    Vivian continued: “So our philosophy is not limited to what we do with ICE vehicles. The purchasing power of the vehicle is independent of our philosophy as to how we approach the brand and the overall performance of the vehicle. It’s a description of our general motors: zero zero zero zero zero emissions, zero congestion, zero crashes, that’s our vision as a company. Cadillac is right on top of that.

    “If you look at the story, we believe that Cadillac’s popularity has always been a fabrication. We are always creative. What we did recently at Super Cruz, the performance in these cars, the craftsmanship is commensurate with the level of performance. Show us all the 3D printing we are doing. This is the first car with 3D printed parts in the product. This is the kind of approach we will use in the future, free of charge.

    So now that Cadillac V and Blackweek have spent decades and millions to define the two levels of luxury in the US, in fact, these valuable brands will continue to shape the company’s electrical future. It would be more reasonable to give Cadillac a version that would measure and understand the electrical performance goals more than “Performance” and “Plaid”. Cadillac V engineers must focus on chassis, suspension, and aerodynamic developments in order to translate these performance variables into future EVs, such as future licenses.

    “Electricity now allows us to fulfill our vision as a company, and that is the next frontier for innovation and we want to be at the forefront of that. That Cadillac performance will not change the mission. In the future, Cadillac performance levels will vary, ”said Vivian.

    Cadillac takes a holistic approach to V series cars, and in particular to Blackwing HiPo machines, so what features of these current cars will bring the next generation V and Blackwing electric? Vivian’s descriptions here show that the performance arm is not going anywhere. Cadillac V is for anyone who knows about chassis development, aerodynamics and cooling.

    Vivian, again; “If you think about the amount of work and detailed analysis we have done to develop the structure. That same exercise, the same approach we use to analyze how to strengthen the car in the right areas, is not only stronger, but also stronger in the right areas. If you make the car really strong, you are increasing the mass of the car that it really does not want. So those techniques, we will use in the future.

    “If you look at an electric vehicle, the configuration is different. In the middle of the car you carry a lot of bulk and go down, and then you have the suspension in the front and rear suspension. That is different from the open floor pan. So the structural problems you are solving are different, but the way we apply rigidity and the methods are the same. That is one example.

    “Another example is aerodynamics. We’re doing a lot of math dynamics and we’re simulating that. We are able to provide more than 200 miles of stable cars per hour, and the internal combustion engine, transmission and differential can all cool down. The same approach can be used to cool batteries, to cool inverters, to determine the exact towing and aerodynamics. Those tools and techniques are being used in our electric vehicles.


    It is reasonable to assume that there is much here that Cadillac knows and does not tell us. The company’s new vehicles have been in a state of flux for years before they came into production. Despite the advent of high-performance electric Cadillacs, it seems that V engineers have already begun to transfer electrons to develop them. These real-time physics-based models give them the ability to adjust swing bars and sources, electronic variations, and other virtual hardware before they actually build those parts and put them into pre-production physical cars. “Our drivers were driving at least a year ago [these parts] Getting into a physical car. ”

    Electricity and performance have become inseparable over the past decade. The Cadillac Vivian will receive electrical stimulation benefits for future V performance. “You don’t have to wait for the kind of magic we have in the CT5 super charge until the turbo flows. Instant response. ”It is a great blessing to have the maximum rotation power of an RPM in your right foot control. But this is not the only big advantage in an electric car dealership.

    “You don’t have to wait for the kind of magic we have in the CT5 super charge until the turbo flows. Instant response. ”

    “As a result of this response, the driving control level comes up; Where you can send torque, what you can do with that torque. If you set up your system correctly, it will naturally run faster. With an internal combustion engine, you may have a system that carries the most expensive and complex electromechanical equipment. Depending on the configuration of your vehicle, what can you do when you put that wheel on the ground? ”

    Cadillac knows that battery technology is improving rapidly. Electric cars now carry a special lack of power. While there is a fuel tank that burns less than two gallons per gallon of VR, the CT5-V Blackwing giant super-full V8 still takes less time to burn a full fuel tank than an electric vehicle with the same load time. . In the short term, it will be a big business when it comes to performance cars. Internally, there is a bright future for battery technology.

    “Battery chemistry in the medium term will have more capacity and at least what we see will manage heat better. As you mentioned, some of the refrigerators will be operating temperatures as long as you can take advantage of them. In the medium term, I think your battery capacity and heat capacity will be equal to how many cycles in the internal combustion engine or in some cases even better.

    “Batteries in a short period of time are very large and very heavy, so the number on everything will increase. If your batteries weigh as much as 1.4 times what your internal combustion engine, transmitter and fuel tank weighs in, such as a stimulus system, battery reversal, motors, the brakes must be large, the wheels must be large, and the cooler needed to be high if you want to have that level of performance. EVs that don’t need the V-series we offer can run without much cooling, just like your base cars can’t run on a track like this today.

    “Mass production, and mass is another business. Going forward, we see that battery technology is getting easier in the medium term, cheaper and higher power levels and the need for cooling is declining. In the medium term, this will be less of a business, but it will still be there.

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    The first-generation Cadillac CTS-V was incredibly American on the genre, with heavy truck parts and a Corvette engine mounted in a large comfortable sedan. It was a wonderful first attempt, but it was half baked. After many iterations and generations, the Cadillac performance sedans marked by the current BlackWatch are among the greatest accomplishments to date. The company was able to fully understand the market to build the right car at the right time – just to completely eliminate and restart the project.

    We hope that the next generation of Cadillac V will repeat what they learned in this round instead of hitting one of the squares around the world. It is reasonable to assume that in the case of electric power, the future V will be better than it is now. It may take two generations to be ready to follow, but it will be really strong if the speed, handling, aero, cooling and chassis are as strong as the CT4-V Blackwing or CT5-V Blackwing. pin up.

    What do you think will happen to Cadillac’s high-performance vehicles After an internal burn? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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