What happens when he is clean Electric vehicle Is it submerged in water? Nothing according to all adult internet; A person can drive well in a flood zone because he cannot stop a motor vehicle flooded. When it comes to the myths and legends surrounding cars, skeptics Motor legend dealers– BC Ezioha, Faye Hadley, And Tory Belleci- They go to find out exactly what happens when an electric car crashes.

Rumor has it that a man in Texas has successfully completed his pilot’s job E.V. Through a normal paralyzed flood zone Internal-combustion engine cars. Bad things can happen when cars go underground. Low-pressure air intakes pump water directly into the engine inlet, starve the engine and stop it. Blocking exhaust pipes in the back of the car also has negative consequences.

A (literally, not too much gas in the box) A flooded engine can never work. Electric cars are not driven by internal combustion engines, their future mobility (who can guess) comes from an electric motor.

Why do internal combustion engines not work when flooded?

The car was moving when it was flooded. If the internal combustion engine does not work and sinks into the water, nothing will stop the flow of water directly to the engine block. An internal combustion engine is basically a large air pump that uses controlled combustion to drive the pump drive; In this case, the pistons contained in air cylinders are opened and closed by valves.

Air, like all gases, relies on that physical property to produce compressed and internal combustion engines. If an internal combustion engine is filled with liquid like water, the system will not work because fluids cannot be compressed. That is why hydraulic pumps can do a lot of work compared to the amount of energy needed to complete the system. But electric motors do not rely on the physical properties of gases to do their job.

Do electric motors work in water?

A Electric motor It has only one moving part – a rotating wheel with a rotating magnetic field that generates electrons through the wire wrapped around the wheel. Without timely, no activity. The brake pedal (in most cases) and the engine cover are only connected to the joints at both ends, so if the gap between the car wheel and the spindle is filled with water, what will stop the road from spinning? Nothing, right?

Kids are not that easy. Water reacts with electricity, especially when it contains dissolved salts and minerals, especially in nature. Hunt sharks and other fish by identifying the tiny electrical signals generated when muscles are told to burn. Heavy electric charges can travel up to 50 feet in the water, which is why you should stay away from rain lines (generally, really).

A 3,500 pound electric car takes a lot of power to drive on the road. There are very powerful EVs (like Porsche Taikan) High-voltage battery systems generate 800 volts at high performance, and waves increase by 100 amps. These waves can be detected by sharks in the water at less than a million times the power of an electric vehicle. But still, what difference does it make when an electric car drives underwater?

Are electric cars safe to drive in floodwaters?

The human body is not exposed to electric current. Compared to transmitters, such as copper wire, we have a lot of electrical resistance, and that means we can take a few volts in an electric shock, but the danger is not current but voltage.

Self-propelled barges operate in the 50,000 volt range, but are currently in millimeters (1 mm by 0.001 AP), so it hurts but there is not enough flow to kill. The average electric car’s high-voltage system exceeds the fatal limits on humans. And Tori Belechi agreed to drive the car Motor myth An electric car through a 6-foot deep pool.

Of course, car manufacturers protect their electronics as much as possible, but if something goes wrong during the test, is there enough protection to protect someone from a terrible death? What happens next to the car’s other electronics? The high-voltage system that powers the EV motor is excessive compared to 12-volt power systems such as an inverter display or internal light. A short circuit can cause the entire car to stumble because of the water.

There is only one way to know Motor legend dealers– and EV – Survive the fall, and not by driving your own electric car into the pool. Please, do not try anything Motor legend dealers do; During these investigations, emergency responders are trained professionals. Also, it is very simple Subscribe to the MotorTrend app And watch Tori, Faye and BC risk their lives for your entertainment.