Complete electric par he taikan in the living room motors showroom. – Photo by Suresh Chala

Stefan Samurat, sales manager at Lifestyle Motors, quickly turned the company’s entire electric parser Tycan and Solomon Hochoy Highway into a blur.

All 408 horsepower Porsche AC’s same electric motors went straight to the tires – there was no internal combustion engine, no RPM required and no time to accelerate, thus speeding up the car.

Despite the engine noise, the car’s actual engine was quietly whispered. The car’s four-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension system make the ride smooth like silk — on the roads of this nation. It also had a future dashboard that did everything from controlling the air conditioning to controlling the height of the car and making hands-free calls. You can even talk to him.

Each feature comes from a power source installed at the bottom of the vehicle – a four-cell lithium battery that can be charged as many people charge their phones.

This is the future of cars, says Avnash Rampassad, CEO of Lifestyle Motorcycles. Most new vehicles will soon have battery-powered engines. With several major car companies, such as Porsche, General Motors and Toyota, promising to be fully electric by 2030, TT will soon be filling up with more electric cars than gasoline and gas.

It may be that the prime minister warned in mid-August that TT would soon be dependent on oil and gas revenues and that they would have to grow their economy.

Avinash Rampersad, executive director of Lifestyle Motors and COO. – Photo courtesy of Suresh

The Ministry of Planning, as well as TT, has set plans to expand its electric vehicles in an effort to achieve its goal of taking the world to zero-zero carbon emissions.

But what does this mean for TT, which is making the transition to a CNG-led country? While Business Day has space for CNG vehicles, TT, like any other country in the world, is said to be working to align human resources, policies and infrastructure with the ICC. ) Or leave it on the electric lane.

Shocking prices for electric cars

Demand for electric cars is currently low, one of the reasons is that electric cars are currently more expensive than ICE vehicles.

For example, the price of a Kia Rio can range from $ 130,000 to $ 160,000. Hyundai Ioniq, one of the cheapest and most popular electric vehicles, starts at around $ 260,000.

Taiwan will go to $ 1.4 million

Ryan Lachhu, president of the Automotive Distributors Association, told Business Day that it is currently too high for clean power units – including electronics and hybrid vehicles.

However, he noted that there are many factors that contribute to car prices and increase car prices.

He said the government needs to reconsider the way it is taxed on clean energy vehicles.

In an interview with Business Day, Rampursad said that most energy vehicles, such as motor vehicles, are taxed, including motor vehicle tax, import duty and VAT.

Under the hood of a Porsche Taikan electric vehicle. – SUREASH CHOLAI

“We pay import duty based on price, insurance and CIF, which is the price of the car and the shipping cost. We pay import duty based on the size of the engine. But motor vehicle tax is actually based on the Pam oil subsidy. If we lose our subsidy, why do we have to pay motor vehicle tax? ”

He said Rampsad could charge customers more than 200 percent of their vehicles.

“It goes to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, up to 6.4 V8, depending on the models you pay 67 percent of your import tax. Motor vehicle tax is $ 50 to $ 75 per cubic centimeter. Then all 12 and a half VAT. So those taxes are more than double the cost of vehicles. ”

Rampersad is expensive for vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and is imported by customer.

Porsche Tykan Dashboard. – Photo courtesy of Suresh

Rampersad added that even if traders import small cars, the retail price will be reduced due to tax cuts, but it will cost more CF, which means more foreign currency will be exported.

The Porsche Cayenne hybrid is more fuel efficient than any other vehicle on the market, but it does not generate any tax savings due to its three-liter engine.

“So if they are encouraging people to bring hybrid cars, they will not be punished for their engine,” he said.

Current issues

Local new car dealers represent international car brands, so their transition plan will be included in the global approach to switch from internal combustion to electricity in less than a decade. However, just as lifestyle engines have changed many aspects of their infrastructure and reused human resources, so the country wants to have a people with the knowledge and technology to maintain, repair and manage every new electric vehicle. , And infrastructure to make these vehicles work.

Lifestyle Motors says Rampersad will have to spend millions of dollars to make changes to even sell Porsche Tay.

“We had to improve our electricity infrastructure,” he said. We had to upgrade our transformers to accommodate the current trailer to the charging port.

Ramprsad added that the technicians had to build a new air-conditioned unit in a dangerous way to build safety, safety and storage compartments on the vehicle, and that the battery pack alone could weigh up to 2,200 kg. Get all the new equipment that can safely move and move the car.

Above all, they had to re-use their technical skills to maintain and repair electronic cars.

Port of Porsche Taikan. – Photo courtesy of Suresh

He says we spend millions of dollars every year training our technicians. There is no oil filter to replace these items. If you touch the wrong wire in one of these cars, you could hurt yourself and your co-workers.

As international efforts continue to move towards electric and hybrid vehicles, he said, all domestic traders should eventually invest heavily to change infrastructure.

We have no choice but to invest in the same steps here in the area and to treat these vehicles. Because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to get that car model. ”

Emergency storage on lifestyle motors. If the car battery is overheated and in danger of catching fire or has already caught fire, the car is parked in the trunk and flooded. – Photo by Suresh Chala

The juice is worth squeezing

Despite the high cost of Rampardad, electric cars will have a better effect not only on the environment but also on the pockets of customers, he said.

“You don’t have to worry about oil refineries, or engine oil or anything,” Rampsad said.

It is the only downside to electric vehicles, because the technology is relatively new, very expensive. But this means that these vehicles come with a long list of features that will save you money in the long run.

For high-end cars such as the Taiwanese, this includes an intelligent regional manager, charger planner, road control and Apple Carpal integration and a pay zone (one person travel per pay) over 300 km.

The more economical ionics at 250 km will also have the same characteristics and the same benefits.

As the technology behind electronic cars becomes more and more sophisticated, Rampardad will eventually move to more economical cars. There must be some adequate support services and quality standards services to protect them in this regard.