Chrysler It plans to become a full-fledged electric car manufacturer by 2028 as a parent company, Stellant STLA 2.71%

NV wants to renew nearly 100 car brand assets.

The car maker announced Wednesday that it will launch its first battery-powered car in 2025, and unveiled a new cross-platform concept called Chrysler Airflow at the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas.

The announcement hints at what Stellantis Autos Behemoth, co-founded by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and the French PSA team last year, plans to do with the historic American brand. The company owns more car brands than most of its competitors, and analysts say some brands need more attention and investment to improve performance.

A.D. Founded in 1925, Chrysler now sells only two models – one minivan and one large sedan – much smaller than the nameboards it sold in showrooms a decade ago. And US sales have slipped in recent years. The brand will sell about 115,004 vehicles by 2021, about one-third in 2015.

The company said the Chrysler Airflow concept, a wireless software upgrade and up to 400 miles of drive speed, was unveiled this week.

Chrysler is still facing stiff competition in the electric-vehicle market. Over the past year, a number of major car companies and brands have been betting on electric vehicles, as strong global tailpipe emissions guidelines encourage manufacturers to move away from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. The move is being driven by a growing interest in technology on Wall Street.

General Motors Co.

It plans to spend $ 35 billion over the next 10 years to promote 30 plugin models worldwide, and aims to eliminate global gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035. Meanwhile, the Ford Motor Co.

He says it will spend $ 30 billion on electric vehicles by 2025.

One of the marketplaces in the United States was the production of electric pickup trucks. GM plans to launch an electric version of Chevrolet Silverado, the best-selling US. The car is expected to compete directly with Ford‘S.

The F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup has created more than 200,000 non-compliant locations, according to Ford.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellant, should know how car manufacturers can reduce production costs for electric vehicles.

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Pictures of Dennis Charlotte / Agency France Press / Getty

Stellant CEO Carlos Tavares said on Wednesday that the company is also working on an electric pickup truck. While the company is behind its American competitors, it says it has given the competitors the opportunity to customize their products based on what they do.

Cars in Europe, which took over China from the world’s largest electric car market last year, have set high targets. For example, Mercedes-Benz AG

By the end of the decade, he said, he was preparing to make all the electricity.

Stellantis said in July that it plans to spend more than $ 35.5 billion by 2025 to release new plug-in models. The car company plans to become more involved in battery development and supply, and plans to reduce the cost of one of the most expensive parts of an electric car.

Mr Tavares said Stellantes and its competitors need to know how to reduce the cost of producing electric vehicles, which are more expensive than gasoline cars. So far, their adoption has been based in part on federal and state subsidies to entice buyers.

“Reasonable prices will be a big challenge,” Mr Tavares said on Wednesday.

Lithium prices have been rising as the demand for batteries in electric cars has increased in the face of increasing pressure to avoid oil and gas. However, plans to produce more have met with opposition, as metal extraction is time consuming and can be harmful to the environment. Photo die STR / Getty Images, Oliver Bunnic / AFP / Getty Images

The global car giant, which includes brands including Jeep, Fiat and Pidgin, plans to earn 20 20 billion ($ 22.57 billion) a year in software sales and subscriptions. The cars he makes.

He said he would hire thousands of software engineers to achieve the goal and sign a partnership with Alphabet. Inc

Wymo LLC is working on a suite of cars for the automotive and with the Foxconn Technology Group – a modular car dashboard upgrade.

Separately, Stellant announced on Wednesday that it has signed agreements with to develop vehicles. Inc.

Software in dashboards. The company has announced that Amazon will be the first commercial customer of the new Ram Processor battery electric vehicle, which is scheduled to hit the market in 2023, and will roll out the vehicles throughout the United States. He did not specify the financial terms of the event.

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