Despite the EVP push, a large image of trucks and SUVs going anywhere

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It seems to be the basis of Carvana’s success Doubtful, The plague is still a headache for traders, And Tesla. All that and then some this Monday Edition Morning transition August 16, 2021

1st gear – The cars stay big

At least in the United States, at least in this decade, As reported by Reuters. The reason is simple. Big trucks and souvenirs for sale And despite all their opposition, this is the only thing that matters most to cars.

North American cars plan to build larger trucks and sports vehicles by the end of the 2030s, following sales trends that run counter to Binden’s management plans to expand the AV market by half by 2030, according to internal production forecasts, according to Reuters.

Also: Biden 40 percent EV by 2030 goal It certainly sounds like a real joke, and the trunk is the destiny of the planet.

In a joint statement on August 5, the three automobiles aim to increase Biden EVS to 40-50% by 2030. The goal is to increase annual North American electricity and plug-in hybrid electricity. Vehicles to 7 million vehicles or more.

However, the entire industry plans to build 2.6 million battery-powered vehicles (Bevy) and another 585,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV) by 2028. They are widely used throughout the industry.

If automobiles stick to those plans, EVs will make up only 15% of North America’s gross domestic product by 2028, with another 3.4%.

If so, between 2028 and 2030, cars will have to produce more than twice as much EV and PHEV to achieve 40% of Binden’s minimum.

I don’t mean to be a broken record here but All of this is incredibly weak. Our response to climate change was actually a prelude to a pandemic, huh? The United States is facing urgent challenges that require immediate collective action and that the United States is simply concerned.

2nd March – Tesla Automobile is under investigation by the federal government

Well, look at this, when it comes to controlling the car industry, the federation is not completely toothless Bloomberg reported NHTSA is finally taking a closer look at Autopilot.

The United States has launched a series of inspections of the Tesla Ink Autoplay system following a dozen-year-old system that has cost thousands of dollars over the past half decade, following dozens of crashes involving first-line vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration inspection covers approximately 765,000 Tesla Model Y, X, S and 3 vehicles over a period of 44-2021 model years. The inspector, who had the power to remind cars that they were defective and ordered to be ordered – started the investigation after 11 accidents resulting in 17 injuries and one death.

The agency said in a statement: “Most of the incidents occurred after dark and the crash scenes included scene-control measures such as first-respond vehicle lights, flames, light bulbs and road cones.” It was confirmed that all of the subject matter involved at the time of the accident were engaged in automotive or traffic control.

There are no tweets in this article, but a penny for Elon’s ideas this morning.

3rd gear – Carvana surplus model is unusual

Used car cleaner makes less than half the profit of selling cars According to The Wall Street Journal, The rest of the profits come from selling loans and other types of income. That’s why people get a business degree to design unsustainable for-profit businesses. It’s very complicated, because then investors have to look and say, “Hey, what’s going on here?” They will look like. Until profits come.

When Carvana offers a car loan to a buyer, it sells the debt to investors. Other car lenders also sell out loans to investors, usually keeping their debts in their books, and eventually recording profits and losses. Carvana, on the other hand, does not hold debts and immediately gets books on cash sales.

For now, that strengthens revenue. Critics warn that if the debt market conditions change or Carvana loans start to deteriorate, the system could be in jeopardy.

In fact, when bond markets closed in the first half of 2020, loan sales fell. One link to the deal is that Carvana is able to sell the car loan to investors at a reasonable price.

“If the loans are so bad, they will not be willing to pay the same premium to future investors,” said Bassam, an analyst at Wedbush Securities.

Of course, short sellers are also attracted.

“If the market is a little soft, people are only paying – skyrocketing discounts – on those new loans, well, they will immediately remove 30% of Carvana revenue from the battery,” he said. Gravity Partners Capital Management Inc., based in Toronto. The investor has set options in the stock market.

Carvana says there is no evidence that the proceeds from the sale of the loan are unsustainable.

March 4 – US vendors are still struggling to cope with vaccines, even though they are available for free

Automotive News He has a story this morning “I have to read twice to believe, because when will the” virus issue “be left to any of us?” The real story is how traders deal with new outbreaks of masks and vaccination requirements for their employees. Among the unvaccinated.

The prevailing virus mask has many vendors that are updating requirements and implementing or considering immunization incentives for their employees – even obligations. Many struggle with how to balance workers ‘objections to public health guidelines with those of others’ safety concerns. The problem in the tight labor market is huge.

“They are trying to figure out what to do,” said Fisher Phillips, a law firm that advises traders.

Asberry Automotive Group Inc., one of the largest distributors in the country. , Began testing COVID-19 vaccines for all new employees this month but did not order or encourage immunizations for current employees. According to Asberry officials, the retailer will continue to comply with US Control and Prevention recommendations, which means that after the CDC revised its guidelines in late July, it would cover vaccines in high-risk areas.

Explain that the Group 1 Automotive Inc executive is encouraging but does not require extreme caution. Used vehicles are said to be following the CDC’s updated guidelines.

Neither Asberie nor Group 1 gave workers immunizations incentives. According to Karmax, vaccinated workers can receive financial support through the charity.

Four of the other public trading groups did not respond to detailed requests for details on their policies.

Are these traffickers concerned about the encouragement or breathing of those who need the vaccine to call some of their employees libraries or something? I agree, all the best businesses are run this way.

5th March – The used car market is still bad, although it is the best way to get a car if you need one

The Wall Street Journal He has a big long story this morning It is packed with tips to help you navigate the current market, which is so overcrowded due to low new car stock. Most of them are things that we have covered before, for example, don’t just sell your car, that means you need to buy one and probably not make a lot of profit. Conversely, if you have more cars, it may be a good time to sell now.

But here’s a tip that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

[Ivan Drury, an automotive analyst for] It urges consumers to check their vehicle lease before attempting to sell.

Some car financing companies have strict rules on how long they must wait before unloading their cars or trucks, forcing some tenants to buy the car in full. Contact the financial company and familiarize yourself with the terms.

If a dealer can work with a financial company, they will be encouraged to offer more suitable terms as they can get paid to set up your loan to buy the car. But Mr Drew advises consumers who want to rent a new car and want to go back and work again.

“It may be the cheapest way to travel,” he said. Slip into the cheapest lease that can hold you until the right amount of goods are finished, then you can go find that explosion sale and everything we are used to seeing.

That makes sense when you think!

Reverse – Behind every car is a con artist

Some are more successful than others!