The day after the IPCC released its sixth report on climate change, the prime minister told parliament that we had not all heard what we heard.

On Tuesday, Chris Bowen asked Scott Morrison about the IPCC report, and if he supports “more technology” to fight climate change, “why did the prime minister say electric vehicles would be over the weekend?”

Morrison dismissed the question to King Taylor, but not before he said, “The claimant’s claim is false.”

Well now.

Took Who are listening It took less time for Taylor to reach the mailbox to prove the claimant’s claim was true.

In April 2019, Morrison told reporters: “Bill Shortton wants to end his weekend policy on electric vehicles, where there are Australians who like to ride in their four-wheeler.”

Now he may not be sure that the electric vehicles will end on the weekend, but it will end the Shore policy on electric vehicles – this was Morrison’s own explanation after the inquiry.

But we are so fundamental that we should treat the Prime Minister of Australia at such a tragic level?

Because Morrison linked electric vehicles in particular to the weekend’s disaster.

He (and you can only watch the video) said, “The cheapest car you can buy as an electric vehicle right now is $ 45,000 to $ 50,000. That cheap car Bill Shortton wants you to buy it in the future, and I tell you, it doesn’t pull your trailer. It does not pull your boat. It doesn’t take you to your favorite camp with your family. ”

That claim was invalid. A.D. In 2019, electric vehicles can pre-pull your boat or trailer, and I think we can say that by 2030, the ALP policy on cars, this time the technology will be higher.

But of course, not only did he make a mistake in the power of electric vehicles, but he also made a mistake in his policy – i.e. Targeted by 2030 Alpha Half Of brand new Just because a car sells an electric vehicle does not mean that you cannot buy or own a burning SUV.

There was a mistake about the policy on electric vehicles and this week, to try to complete the trip, he pretended not to say what we all heard.

Not surprisingly, this has to do with climate change – a fact that came out of the Coalition Party decades ago.

Although all the evidence is contradictory, it is in line with Australia’s claim that 26% of our Paris target emissions will be “in the spotlight”.

But while it is bad to deceive the public (alas, if it is now given), the worst thing is that it ignores the fact that this 26% reduction is not enough.

This week, the IPCC report outlines two ways to reduce emissions that prevent temperatures from exceeding 2C above the pre-industrial average.

To stay below 2C, we need to reduce emissions by 13% by 2020 by 13%, and by 43% to prevent temperatures above 1.5C.

If you can’t see the graph, click here

Australia has now seen a 26% reduction from 2005 levels to just 11% over the next decade.

That’s bad enough; The real problem is that we are only aiming to reduce it by 7%.

We are able to do even more that is not enough.

But how can we wait any other way?

We have a government that is not only unwilling to confront the facts, but it is also unwilling to be honest about its own claims.

To fight climate change, you must first be honest with the public.

Scott Morrison has failed miserably.