EV fans will tell you that electric cars are just like regular cars. For the most part, they are right. You hit the pedal on the right and the car goes, you turn the wheel and the car turns, and the only real difference is what kind of fuel is in it. But if we are completely honest, that is usually true. Often, the only difference is what kind of fuel goes into the car, but other differences probably need to be explained to buyers to buy electric cars.

To that end, we have opened a new section called “Electric Car Frequently Asked Questions” that hopes to answer those unusual ball questions that come up more than a hundred times. Today’s question is: How long do electric cars last??

EV FAQs ፡ How long do electric cars last?

Here are some questions about electric cars. Some are fun, some are confusing, but this latest has caused us to write a storm on our Slack channel. Someone said that Tesla had a “mile” of 276,000 miles on top of it – which was a long way off. At least one Tesla driver in Canada has placed more than 700,000 miles on Model S…

… Amazing but the whole story is rare, right? For every 300,000-mile electric taxi or 150,000-mile EV traveler, there seems to be another story about the EV owner who was immediately in trouble. So, what does it offer?

There is a lot to be done here, and some people who have been doing anti-EV propaganda have Fox News They still seem to think electric cars in the same way as an i-device, so let’s take a brief look at EV’s longevity question and see where we come from.

Do I have to buy a new EV every year?

Image courtesy Apple.

Speaking of EVs and i-devices, we are comparing the cars to some of the most popular “fruit” phones and tablets manufacturers, which each year produce new and improved versions. This means – if you want to be seen as a decisive person, you are buying a new one every year or so. Cars typically have a longer production cycle, with minor “updates” coming every two to four years, and major upgrades coming from the most powerful car brands every 6-8 years. This is because cars are more expensive to market than phones or tablets or laptops – mainly because you don’t have to go to trouble and cost to test a cell phone!

So a brief answer: No. You do not have to buy a new electric car every year – at least until the people have officially launched their i-coupe. And this “no” seems to be true even in the most serious cases of electric vehicle use.

How radical? A.D. In 2019, Tesloop, a transportation company in southern California, will protect Tesla ships covering more than 300,000 miles. Each, Without signs of reduction. “The company’s seven-wheeler – Model Xs, Model 3s and Model S – are among the world’s longest-running Teslas,” wrote Michael Corn. Quartz Magazine. “They zip almost every day between Los Angeles, San Diego and the destinations between them. Each Tesloop car collects about 17,000 miles a month (about eight times the average for corporate ships). Many have to refill at least twice a day.”

What are the maintenance needs on an electric car?

With Tesla’s ships in the “laboratory”, courtesy of Tesla.

We covered this question in more detail in another EV FAQ post, but “How long do electric cars last?” It is important to give a quick explanation here.

Modern ICE cars powered by ICE cars change oil every 5,000-10,000 miles and get a universal service or tire wheel every time you visit the store. Although electric cars do not use engine oil, the same repairs and clothing items that traditional car buyers spend money on still exist. You will want to check and drive your tires, for example — and check those brake pads from time to time, replace windshield wipers, and check other fluids used in your car. Transmission fluids (if applicable) are in good condition at least once a year.

Another repair item to look for in an electric car is not traditional Software upgrade. Updating the software in your car may be a new experience for many buyers, but – just like my device! – You want to make sure that your electric car is running the latest version of the company’s software to ensure that all the latest active safety features and battery saving methods are used properly, to keep you safe and to save money. On the plug!

Can I replace my EV battery when it is very old?

1997 Toyota Prize

Image courtesy Toyota.

When was the last time you changed the battery on your smartphone? I think, for me, it was sometime in 2011. On your car, maybe you put it on for years and spend a lot and a lot more money on your phone or desk, but – well, it’s a very important question to consider, right?

As we have learned with Hybrid over the last 25+ years, such batteries are being produced in bulk (this is not a mistake, the Toyota Prize was first sold in 1997). These batteries have a longer shelf life than most people. Expected. Many Tesla Model S cars (one of the first “pure” EVs to be purchased) have already passed the 300,000-mile mark while maintaining battery life. Other older EVs, like the Nissan LEAF, were able to reach that mileage limit without the need for a new battery.

That is, many stores are now able to completely replace the batteries on your hybrid or “clean” battery vehicle. Moreover, the cost of those substitutes has been declining over time and can now be compared to switching from the usual automated distribution. As more and more shops are learning about electric cars, they can create a little something new by repairing electric vehicles.

So, when used to Do you need to replace the electric car battery? Batteries tend to shrink as they age, which costs them performance and limits – but it is a matter of debate how much territory they lose, because individual conditions weigh heavily on the end result.

Returning to Tesloop as an example of “extreme usage”, we find “Tesloop”. it has The battery packs have become obsolete, ”he said. Quartz. “After 330,000 miles of service, the Tesla Model X has dropped from 260 miles to 200 miles,” and the battery was replaced by Teslap at no cost as it was covered by Tesla’s standard 8-year battery warranty.

What about me? They want New EV every year?

volvo c40

Image courtesy of Volvo cars.

Technology is constantly changing, and those changes are more valuable to some people than others. If the latest and best self-driving, active-safe, fast crazy purple Paisley mode technology is ready to buy you money, however, many companies are offering a subscription model similar to the one you get – you guessed it! – Your cellular provider.

Companies such as Rivian, Volkswagen, and Volvo are offering an all-inclusive subscription model that allows you to get out of your car and trade into a new one once a year. Insurance, travel miles, and even some basic clothing and tears are all covered. This seems to work for many people with fast-changing needs – and many industry insiders believe that this is the model of ownership here to stay.

Summary of EV longevity

Not only about owning an EV and the experience you can get with your petrol cell phone, but also “How long will electric cars last?” We hope we have been able to answer your questions on how to do it. They may have different answers for different people. To sum it up, electric cars last as long as ICE cars. They go hundreds of thousands of miles – just, for sure, in a clean, a little simpler, a lot cheaper, and perhaps better – in all the necessary ways.

And, if you are a True For maintenance and renovation extremists, this show from MyClassicCarTV shows Jay Leno’s over 100-year-old running and driving EV – Enjoy!

Jay Leno drives an electric bakery for nearly 100 years.

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