Colombian City Council on Monday will discuss the issue of electric vehicles, new fire stations, the expansion of the Logbot Brewery and the redesign of ward lines.

Electric vehicle charging

The council is expected to approve funding for a new electric car charging station. Most of the cost will be covered by Volkswagen’s emissions. The city of Columbia plans to cover 20% of the cost, or up to $ 50,000.

A.D. In 2016, Volkswagen was found to have violated the rules of fresh air. The company has paid $ 2.9 billion to the National Environmental Trust Fund. Missouri earned $ 41 million and is managed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

MDNR funded SuperSonic Transport to build a four-car charging station at 1401 Creekwood Parkway. The station will have “instant chargers” that will allow cars to be charged within 40 minutes. The estimated cost of the site is $ 424,091.

Construction of Fire Station 11

It is expected that the council will get permission from the council to start the construction of the fire station 11.

The council’s approval means land in the Derfield Ridge suburb of southwestern Colombia could be cleared north of the site at the intersection of Scott Bulevard and State Line K.

The council had previously authorized the purchase of state property and the hiring of architects.

Colombia, Missouri, previously reported that the new station would include a 10,000-square-foot three-story bay, residential, and a police station.

The total project investment is $ 2.5 million in capital enhanced sales tax.

On Thursday, Assistant Fire Chief Brad Freezer said the 2018 Fire Department Risk Assessment will benefit Eastern and Southwest Colombia more than new fire stations.

Airport parking

The council will hold a public discussion and discussion on the construction of a new parking lot at Columbia Regional Airport.

Parking is part of the expansion of the airport, which includes a new runway and terminal. According to the airport’s general manager, Mike Parks, the workers are asking the city council for permission to design the parking lot.

“Maybe we’re looking at designing a parking lot as soon as possible and starting construction next year,” Parks said.

The new lot includes 93 regular parking spaces and six U.S. law enforcement locations.

Logboat Expansion

Logboat Brewery will probably have the opportunity to expand its tasting room and bar.

The new tasting room and bar will be 7,550 square feet. The local brewery also plans to expand its 12,000-square-foot brewery and warehouse.

Earlier, the council recommended that the permit be approved under seven conditions.

Ward Lines

The council is expected to vote on the establishment of a regional redistribution committee in line with the 2020 US census. The committee will make its decision after February 15.

Ward lines will not be redesigned before the April election. When new census data is released, the city is required to review and update the woredas every 10 years. The goal is to distribute the population evenly across all woredas.

The issue raised at the previous council meeting was that a new ward line would be set up so as not to divide the neighborhood.


Ved West, a former Colombian destination television (CAT), may sign a new contract with the city on Monday night. Vedest has been advocating for more funding from the council since 2020.

CAT Closed in 2019, but the council approved a $ 35,000 contract and a contract for VidWest to monitor and revitalize all CAT equipment.

VW did not provide public cable television, citing last year’s outbreak of CVD-19 and Mediacom’s failure to provide the necessary fiber connections to their studios. That delayed the move to extend the contract with VidWest.

“Public access to the media is an important part of a well-functioning democracy,” said Ian Thomas, a fourth member of the ward council.

“A community media center that provides training and production equipment in conjunction with a cable or internet distribution site can raise the voice of hundreds of residents who do not listen to their ideas and opinions,” he said.

Thomas was a former VidWest supporter, along with First Ward Council member Pat Fauler. Thomas said he hopes the council will approve a contract with VidWest for 2021-2022 on Monday.

The council will discuss changes to Columbia City Law in connection with the police officer’s disciplinary review process. These changes came after Gov Parson signed the Senate Bill 26, which contains the police rights bill.

In addition, in an effort to make the city council more accessible, the Disability Commission has set a probationary period for imaginary meetings. The Broadband Task Force, the Disability Commission and the Youth Advisory Council will review virtual meetings within six months.