This week is National Drive Electric Week and here’s the “Drive Electric” event in Rocket City on Saturday afternoon.

The goal was to learn more about electric vehicles and why so many people choose them.

“Electricity, propane, compressed natural gas or biofuels are better for the environment than gasoline or diesel,” says Mark Bentley.

“It’s improving, they’re working on it, and if we all work together, we have to work hard,” said Ray Millin.

Y-31 people talked to some people at the event about why it is important to think about making the switch.

There were about 60 electric vehicles and many people who had never seen one.

Not only was it the experience of many but it was also a lesson in saving the environment.

“My previous vehicles were gas scams, so I felt a small debt after all the damage,” says Ray Milin, an electric car owner.

When Ralen found out that they were saving money for the WAAY-31 and that they were better for the area, he told them that it was officially sold on electric vehicles.

Millon, on the other hand, spent $ 30 on gas for an average of 200 miles, but only $ 8 per EV.

According to Mark Bentley, the Alabama Petroleum Commission, we see more electric cars every day.

It was truly amazing in Alabama. Now, he says, we still have a long way to go to capture the rest of the world, but we are making great strides.

Alabama Clean Fuel hosted the event, and Bentley said it wants to teach more people why vehicles are so safe.

The good news is that charging stations are often located in convenient locations.

“You can go for some lunch. The big part is we go to the store and we forget something about the trip. The charger is usually on targets or in Walmart, in a place like this. ”

In Huntsville, Bentley says there are not many charging stations at this time.

Some people told us that if they did not want to charge their car at home, they would have to drive to Athens or Madison to get some.

But Bentley tells us that things are slowly changing.

“Infrastructure, full of energy, is coming fast in Alabama. You will soon see some initiatives in the field of electric vehicles across the state. ”

Next year, we will be looking at the Tesla Super Charge Station in downtown, and Bentley hopes it will be able to bring other stations here to accommodate even more EV drivers.