“EVES ARE THE FUTURE” How did he describe the transition to so many chapters that sold our Hyundai Ionic? We agreed that one of the cars should go, and we were lucky enough to pick up Ionic at the second market.

At first, we thought of things like Corolla, Camry, or something similar as a second-hand hybrid. Our focus then shifted to encouraging the adoption of non-planetary destroyers. As a result, we are overwhelmed by our fear of spending money on fast-moving assets.

Oh. Car parks have no stock. Oh. You must order them. Oh. Delivery will take 3-5 months. Probably. Terms and conditions apply. Especially since there is no guarantee at that time of delivery.

Three to five months? Now we wanted to start saving the planet.

That’s when our friend knew someone who was thinking of selling their own EV. So we bought our new enough Hyundai Ioniq from a friend.

Now, before you start saying that buying things from your friend is not about cars but about drugs, I suggest that there are no such friends. Hit me in the comments if you want to fix that.

Anyone who goes through private sales knows how the process works. Check that the car is not currently burning, take the car for a test drive, talk a little about the cars, discuss the price, fill out the paperwork and then hand over a large amount of cash that you are buying as a medicine. I don’t know anything about that.

The main difference with our purchase was the test drive. The mantra around “The best way to convert people to EVs” seems to apply to those who still want to buy. We didn’t just drive ionic, we drove the owner’s other cars, including their pride and joy Tesla. Sidenote, Tesla, don’t change that.

Driving Evin is an exciting adjustment. It is best not to use brakes. Otherwise the gear shift or synchronization is a constant speed and power is exciting. A quiet driving experience.

It’s the core of our ionics, so driving comes with many other features that bring happiness. It also gives @ # $% a hundred zeros for seats and heating and cooling seats. It’s not the behavior that worries me on a list, but I can’t imagine I have a car without it now.

We were lucky to have a friend. The second-hand EV market is not the same as the new one. The supply is not there.

Well, unless there is a way for us to subsidize the way the federal government subsidizes ETV. Maybe Scott Cam will pay six digits to drive Evin? And this is important because most people are introduced to EV through the second owner market.

Since we own Ioniq, we get all the common questions. What do they look like? How much can you drive? How long does it take to fill up?

Can a small car pull a giant caravan and a boat without stopping at 150 km / h while unlocking Ruby Cube and Bitcoin mining? But since we are second-hand, we have questions about battery life and how long the car will last.

Well, second-hand EVs are really good. Batteries last longer if stored properly. Just like any other vehicle and the parts that make up the car.

Charging the battery indoors was a revelation, and we did not miss a visit to the gas station for the weekly smoke detection exercise.

We install Zappi and it charges most of our solar panels. We are expecting a shocking bill, but obviously the cost of feeding on the grid was better to charge our car and we didn’t see any charge in our bill.

And can we talk about oil prices anxiety rather than regional anxiety? We did not miss out on trying to relate our filling to a cheaper day – it is better to be upset by the rain. If you don’t buy more than $ 1.70 / L in Perth right now, it’s one thing to choose that cheap day… other people may be worried. It hurts to be them.

The recent ministry was eye-opening. When the windshield wiper checked the fluid and adjusted the Hyundai badge, it was very cheap for the dealer to put it on the roof for about an hour. After that, the technician told me, “There are not enough moving parts inside to make a mistake.”

Compared to the older ICEq replacement Ioniq, repairs on the second-hand EV come with a cost. And this compares to the relatively cheap 20-year-old Ford hawk. The main reason for this is that Falcon rooms are easily available nationwide in backyards and on the sidewalks.

Mile – Do we call that mile in Australia? -It’s amazing in Ioniq. Sport car-like towing coefficient, our highly regarded Reagan braking, and the great engine means we struggle to use more than 14kWh / 100 km even at high speeds. Our minimum usage was 1.4 kW / 100 km. And computers don’t lie to us, do they?

The average usage of the few thousand kilometers we have traveled so far is 11.97 kW / 100 km. This means that in many hills and half-trips we will experience 320 km from a 38 kW battery in our real-world experience. Focus on what Hyundai is still doing.

EVs are the future – with the big public transport network and the addition of passenger bicycles – and they are an excellent second purchase.

Tyson Adams is a scientist, writer and sage, sometimes in that order. He doesn’t like to brag about being a third person, but he has two degrees of science, he is married to a boy and a girl, and he is a vocal supporter of renewable forces and the world. He owns Tesla 0 shares.