Everything from small skateboards to giant boats in Denmark and everything on land, water and air is going to electricity today.

A one-wheeler driver at American Fork, UT photo by Fritz Hasler.

In the picture on the right, you see a one-wheeler riding on the Murdock Canal Road in Fork, Utah, USA. As I passed her, I was riding the bike on my electric bicycle. I quickly turned around to find her. My Class 1 e-bike traveled at about 20 miles per hour, and it took a long time to find her. She traveled about 18 miles per hour. Here you will find one of the smallest electric transport equipment on the market. However, at $ 1,700, a wheel can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, and the larger wheel can be as steep as a black tip.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Ellen, the world’s largest electric boat.

Ellen Electric Boat

Ellen, the world’s largest electric boat, in Denmark on August 29, 2019. Image courtesy of the European Commission.

It has a huge 4.3MWh battery that can run two 750 kW main propulsion motors and two 250 kW auxiliary motors. It is 139 meters or 456 feet long. Ellen has 22 sea miles and races Between the ports of Søby and Fynshav, at a distance of 10.7 nautical miles from each other.

Charging e-scooters. Photo courtesy by Duck

Electric trips for small people. By the kindness of the razor.

E-Scooter and Razor Mini Motorcycle at Fork, USA Photo by Fritz Hasler.

So, what’s in between? Now let’s start with electric scooters everywhere, like the epidemic in congested cities around the world. About ሚሊዮን 50 billion worth of electric scooters are sold each year in the $ 50 billion industry. It seems that you can find them sitting on the sidewalk alone for rent.

See also Razor Mini Motorcycle (above).

Before the advent of e-scooters, Introduced for the first time in 2001, Segway was self-correcting.

With a bull-riding mountain e-bike in St. George, Utah. Photo by Fritz Hasler.

A.D. In 2013, I rode my first e-bike. It was part of a Cannondale show that was not even sold in the United States. In 2014, I bought my first e-bike. I have since bought four more e-bikes. E-bikes are very popular now, and on Utah bike paths, you are more likely to see an e-bike riding like a normal person. They make hilly hills, windbreaks, and long journeys less stressful. The global e-bike industry is estimated at $ 24 billion by 2020 and is expected to sell 40 million e-bikes a year by 2023.

Image courtesy of Vespa

Next up is the classic Vespa scooter, which will be electrically powered for the first time in 2018 in a 62-mile range.

Zero SR / S High Performance Electric Motorcycle.

Next up are electric motorcycles. Zero pioneered electric motorcycles in 2006 and has proven to be the most attractive and high-performance vehicles available to customers. The global electric scooter and motorcycle market has stopped 690,000 rooms By 2020, the high-performance electric motorcycle market will grow by 28,123 units in 2020-2020, according to Technavio.

An electric golf cart leads an electric street in three lakes, Wisconsin. Photo by Fritz Hasler.

Next up are the size of the electric golf cart, and they have been around forever. The first custom electric golf cart was built in 1932. They still use standard lead acid batteries; So rocket science was not built earlier. They are used not only for golf courses but also for retirement communities, RV parks and low-speed vehicles anywhere.

Polaris Ranger EV ATV.

Next up is the newly-introduced Polaris Ranger ETV, 30 hp, high-speed, super-induction engine with a range of up to 25 miles per hour and 35 to 45 miles. Unfortunately, the Ranger EV uses eight standard lead-acid batteries and sells for $ 12,500. Not much better than a golf cart celebrated with lead-acid batteries, but you can upgrade to a set of lithium-ion batteries for just $ 8,000.

At this point, we move on to full-size electric cars.

2012 Tesla Slide, courtesy of Tesla.

When Tesla launched the Model S in June 2012, an electric vehicle revolution began. Tesla has shown that it can build an attractive, high-performance electric car that has created a network of superchargers that are willing to pay buyers and will soon be able to operate long distances in the United States.

A.D. By 2020, a $ 246.7 billion EV market was created. A.D. By 2021, Tesla would be delivering EVs at a million speeds; in October, 100,000 vehicles were ordered by Hertz, Tesla’s market value reached $ 1 trillion, surpassing only a few companies such as Apple and Google. Also, in Norway, more than 90% of vehicle sales are now for plug-in vehicles, 70% of which is pure electricity. The rest of the world will follow.

Rivian is now an electric pickup truck! Image courtesy of Rivian.

Next is the electrical lift on the EV volume gauge. Launch Rivian offers a handful of electric cars to customers.

Amazon presentation van built with Rivian. Image from Amazon.

Then we have delivery vanes. Amazon ordered 10,000 from Rivian, and the first copies were seen on a street test in Los Angeles.

But before we get to the next level in road transport, let’s turn to the water. …

Flight board Hydrofoil electric surfboard. Photo by Flite Inc.

Of Flyboard It is powered by a hand-held Bluetooth remote control, and is powered by a marine-level smartphone that can last more than 90 minutes..

Then there are electric boats, such as the Super Air Nott.

Super Air Nautical GS22e – The first electric water sports trailer. Photo courtesy of Craft.

The Super Air Nautical GS22e is a 22-foot clean electric boat for $ 299,708. This may seem like a very expensive trailer, but many real craft gas-powered water sports trailer models sell for that price or more. Unfortunately, the purpose of the water sports boat is a great stimulus for waterboarding and boarding. This takes up a lot of power, which quickly drains the battery.

Candela invented the first electric hydrofoil boat. Photo courtesy Candela.

A hydro foil speed boat is much more efficient if you are displaced or with a boat, and you can go very far (50 nautical miles at 22 knotsWith this boat, it is 57.54 miles by 25.3 miles. The top speed of the boat is 30 knots (35 miles per hour).

Tesla Section 8 cm. Photo by Kyle Field / CleanTechnica.

Now for larger standard road vehicles. Tesla announced the 8th grade partial truck four years ago in 2017 and has had examples crossing the United States ever since. However, in 2021, Tesla has extended shipments for another time and we are lucky to see shipments in 2022. The main issue seems to be the supply of battery and automotive chips. Tesla has developed newer, more powerful, more efficient batteries and battery packs but has not been able to start production on its pickup truck and produce more high-performance cars. Until Tesla does it with the Gazelle, we can’t see Tesla. Many other companies, such as Volvo and Mercedes, are producing or selling 8th grade electric semi-trucks.

GE Dash-9 Diesel Locomotive. By Morven (CC BY-SA 3.0 License)

If you are not a railroad buffer, you may not know that diesel locomotive is a diesel-electric locomotive. It is true that the GE Dash 9 has a large diesel engine, but only a large electric generator that provides electricity for the trailer engines. Like electric arrows, they know that EVs have a tremendous amount of driving power and that they need the power of huge electric motors to drive 150 trucks. Still, it may take three or four towers and one or two towers to drive a long train on a mountain grade. Important: If you can supply electricity from another source (eg overhead catheter wires, batteries or hydrogen fuel cell) you can remove the diesel engine.

RPS Battery-Electric Locomotive. (Image provided by RPS)

RPS is testing a 100% battery electric locomotive 1201 in the Orange County California Railroad.

Electric mining caterpillars

Caterpillars and BHP are working together to build battery-powered mines. (Image courtesy of Caterpillar.)

The diesel generator for large miners is another application that routinely drives electric motors, which rotate the wheels. Therefore, replacing batteries or hydrogen fuel cell for an electric source is a relatively simple matter.

When we got back to the water, we had the first electric boat.

The world’s first hybrid electric cruise ship MS Roald Amundsen from HurtigrutenHe made his first trip to Antarctica with 431 passengers. The batteries on board help the ship operate like a hybrid electric vehicle, which reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by more than 21 percent. This is the only vehicle that is not 100% electric in this article.

Harbor Air mangiX First commercial electric airline Maine Flight.  Picture https://www.harbourair.com/seaplane-to-eplane-flight-test-confirmed/

The first electric submarine will take off – December 10, 2019. Image courtesy of Harbor Air.

On land, at sea, and now in the air, electric proposals invade every transportation application. Of Port air The e-plane is a six-passenger. DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver Internal combustion engines b magniX 750-horsepower (560 kW) magni500 propulsion system. It is 65 miles away. I chose this example because it made its first flight two years ago and has an application for business travelers.

While electric jets are comparable in battery density and cost, clock costs are surprisingly low. Unfortunately, all passenger planes have a long certification process.

Image courtesy Cardiac Aerospace

I chose this example because I hope for low-cost mid-range flights. Designers have chosen the usual body and wings, only the engine nuts are unique. They hold not only the engine but also the batteries. The aircraft uses conventional electric car charging technology. The aircraft will have enough power to lift very short runways. The important thing is that everything is designed for great convenience and still has the ability to transport a relatively large number of passengers at a distance of at least 250 miles. Heart already has 200 pre-orders from United Airlines.

NASA X-57 training aircraft with 14 electric motors. (Image courtesy of NASA Langley / Advanced Concepts Laboratory, AMA, Inc.)

This is a high-tech development aircraft that will be used further during the launch of the 12 small engines and propellers. During stage flight, the 12 propellers bend to the Nazis to reduce drag-and-drop propulsion. Such small planes or two small seats serve as trainers in flight schools. The main cost of flight school training is the cost of running an airplane. The cost of flight school training on electric planes can be greatly reduced. These planes do not need to fly too far.

Look at the sky, the sea, the air. From small one-wheeled skis to giant boats, all sorts of planes and everything in between – everything is going electric.

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