SCHENECTADY – More than 30 electric vehicles were spotted near the city’s charging stations during the exhibition, which will be the city’s destination for EVs.

Of The Drive Electric Week electric car show was held outside the city hall on Sunday Capital District EV Drivers Group Partnership Greenmarket, Livingston Energy Group – New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and National Grid.

During the event, Mayor Gary McCarthy announced the city’s 28 free charging stations, which are part of more than 60 charging stations in the city.

McCarthy joined the city during the National Drive Electric Week from September 25 to October 3.

McCarthy read a proclamation aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of all electric and plug-in hybrid cars, trucks and motorcycles, and then sent the quote to the Capital District E.E.V. , A group of underground fans.

After all, Crook said he liked to drive his father’s Chevy Bolt because he didn’t have to pay for gas.

I’m a teenager and I don’t have money, and charging at municipal places (for free) is better than a pocketbook and I love it. Yes, it’s good for the environment and it doesn’t matter, but I make a low salary, ”said Crook, a lifeguard and senior at Shalmont High School.

Crook said one day he hopes to buy his first car, the Chevy Spark, one of more than 60 EV models.

Most of the EVs seen were privately owned by people who wanted to promote electric vehicles. Three of the cars were owned by Chevy Vault. In total, the city has eight electric vehicles used for code enforcement.

The city is waiting for the Chevy Bolts to load the police department. His patrols began using hybrid vehicles.

“We are grateful to be able to take the lead in this environmentally sustainable transition by producing technology and electric vehicles that are moving away from internal combustion engines,” McCarty said.

Schenectady previously hosted Drive Electric Week with NYSERDA in 2017, and weE has a city Since the appointment of the clean energy community in NYSERDA.

“F.We are committed to building our sophisticated LED streetlights and our partnership with the National Grid into the City Sunlight and Shanektadi County to build a more sustainable future. ”

In the absence of state-owned partners in city investment in electric vehicle development, NYSERDA, National Grid and Livingston Energy will not have companies that have installed Schenectady-based charging stations.

Adam Ruder, Assistant Director of Clean Transport with NYSERDA, said the agency is proud to be working with Nectadadi, Livingston Energy and others to set up EV charging stations in Seneca and across the state.

Ruder Evin called it “the best, cleanest driving experience” and under the leadership of Governor Kathy Hohlul, New York StateEV infrastructure is rapidly being built to increase access to electric vehicles.

The state is focusing on increasing transport electrification to more than 7,000 EV chargers, public transport and all parts of the transport system, he said.

Earlier this month, Hullul signed a law requiring all new passenger vehicles and off-road vehicles and equipment sold in New York State by 2035 to be released, and new medium and heavy-duty vehicles to be electric by 2045.

The state is the same Providing tax rates for AVs and electric trucks and buses, and HV charging stations. It offers up to $ 2,000 in new EV purchases, and more than 43,000 New York residents have benefited from the program, Ruder said.

The state is also helping transit agencies generate electricity. The Capital District Transport Authority has several new electric buses on request. Over the next few years, National Grid and other facilities will spend $ 700 million on EV charging stations and EV charging infrastructure, and there will be up to $ 5,000 in tax credit from New York State to help businesses install their own charging stations.

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