Cove’s fears have transformed the annual Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) into a mixed event, and many exhibitions have come to the fore. Still 2,200 people entered the city hall.

Car manufacturers see CES as an opportunity to showcase in-car technology. They also unveiled new models. BMW released its version of the IX Electric M performance, GM finally introduced the Silverado battery car, and Chrysler (promising to become universal electric by 2028) introduced the battery-powered airflow concept for the 1934 streamlined liner.

Last year at CES, General Motors CEO Mary Bara Brightdrop introduced the last five models of the EV 600 to FedEx, highlighting the electric mile-end delivery company and – emphasizing the speed of delivery of vehicles. According to CIS, BrightDrop President and CEO Travis Katz Walmart as a client.

Walmart senior vice president Tom Ward said the company will expand its trucks to 6 million to 30 million households for home service (drivers store the food right in your fridge).

The flow of BMW’s iX changes color at the driver’s discretion.

BMW photo

GM itself had many ads. Chief Engineer Nicole Cratz, two models, a work car and a supermarket RST, both with a 400-mile range, said the 2024 Electric Silver car will be released next year. The first edition, based on the latest EV experience, will cost RST four-wheeled steering, adjustable air suspension and other accessories for US $ 105,000.

The work truck delivers 510 horsepower, an 8,000-pound trailer and 1,200 cargo. In Wide Open Watts mode, the RST can increase horsepower up to 664 horsepower and 780 pound-feet.

The full portfolio, which will be available later, includes shorter versions, including a $ 39,990 starting car. There is also an off-road version of Trail Boss. A price less than US $ 40,000 is required because the F-150 Electric is related to Ford’s starting price. But this is the GM, which loves many models, and is available in US $ 50,000, US $ 60,000, US $ 70,000 and US $ 80,000.

Bara also claims that both the Equinox and Blazer SUVs will be available as EVs by 2023, starting at US $ 30,000. By 2025, GM will have 30 new EV models worldwide, and $ 35 billion in EV and self-investment. These include heavy duty trucks “on the same schedule,” Bara said.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellant, has been involved in all 14 of the company’s global brands. And like many automakers, Stellantis said in a speech that it was “rapidly evolving into a technology company” – a process that involved the reorganization of 1,000 engineers a year.

The Chrysler Air Flow Concept is a 2028 brand for full electric.

Photo of Stellant

A.D. Amazon Ram Promoster, in partnership with Amazon, is purchasing commercial van electric versions to join data management systems on millions of vehicles by 2024 – to join EVs from Rivian. “Our road map adapter,” said Amazon, Tavares.

The concept of electric chrysler airflow looks like a car that can be put into production without much change — perhaps even if the level 3 on prototype does not have its own capabilities. The company In 2025, EV plans for this type of battery. The concept has a full-wheel drive with 150 kW electric motors. Range is estimated at between 350 and 400 miles.

As a brand, Chrysler is somewhat flawed, producing only the Pacific Minivan and the 300C sedan. The Big Chrysler V8s were released after 2028, paving the way for a full range of EVs. Globally, Stellantis now has 33 EVs on the market — most in Europe. A.D. By 2030, Stellantis will have 70 percent lower emissions (EV and hybrid) sales in Europe (40 percent in the US). Page It will also be a universal electric brand by 2030.

BMW (with one million electric vehicles so far and 2 million fully electric by 2025) has unveiled a new car and a very exciting future technology. The new iX M60 is the fastest EV from the BMW team, says IX Project Director John Kistler.

Although the M60 uses the same basic battery and dual engine settings as the standard 516-horsepower iX, it has a lot more power. In startup mode, do that 610 horsepower and 811 pound-feet (normal mode is 532/749). The time from zero to 60 is about 3.6 seconds.

There will eventually be a US $ 40,000 Chevrolet Silverado EV, but the first edition is $ 105,000.

Chevrolet photo

The Kistler claims that the M60 will have 7-Series comfort and X5 units. It will also be more expensive, and he says Penta The rate of withdrawal may be “less than 10% of iX sales”.

And then there was the technology. BMW’s 31-inch, 8k-solution theater screen with a rear seat is a partnership with Amazon Fire TV. If you are watching a movie at home, you can end it from the back of the car, with 5G connection and Bowers and Wilkins surround sound. It’s definitely going to go into production, but it’s not clear which luxury model it will get first.

BMW’s iX Flow is a color-changing car – when pushed with one button. According to the driver, it uses special E-color and “electrophoretic technology” to pick different colors. Or it could be practical: on sunny days, a white car reflects more heat. Or, if an owner does not find the car in the parking lot, he can “blink” different colors.

Filmmaker Hans Zimmer is credited with providing “audio views” that can be configured for BMW electric cars. IconicSounds Electric products will be available on i4 and later iX in the first half of 2022. They are also available through Air Updates. BMW has partnered with Chinese multimedia artist Kao Fei to bring digital art to the car.