Genesis, Hyundai Motor Group luxury brand, unveils all new electric models, exterior and interior images today Genesis GV60.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 is the first model of the brand based on the AMPP (Electric-Global Module Platform) used in the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It really reminds us a lot about the other two e-GPP-based models.

The Genesis GV60 is a type of SUV. The name comes from G (Genesis), V (versatility) and 60 (refers to its place in the order of Genesis).

Genesis GV60

South Korean manufacturer GV60 says it is inspired by the “athletic efficiency” of Genesis design language. We love this design. It reminds us a little bit of the Ford Mustang Mach-in.

About the external;

“The front of the GV60 shows the ideal design for this electric car. Visual and progressive two-dimensional four-dimensional lights add character to a volcanic and volcanic body. A wider and more athletic crest grill is installed under the quad lights to highlight the variant. To increase the performance of the GV60 as well as the cooling efficiency of high-voltage batteries internally.

GV60 has reduced the thickness of the previous logos by about 80 percent and has implemented a new wing logo on the grid. In fact, the creation of luxury driving experiences represents the same genre that is often seen in luxury watches, representing the lineup of high-tech innovations.

In addition, Genesis chose the “Clam Heel Coffin” for the first time, a single panel that combines the hood and hood to complete the reflection of the electric car.

On the side, the GV60’s high-performance hat features a smooth and flexible profile. A simple but sharp image that runs from the front cover to the rear destroyer completes a progressive character.

The chrome line flowing from the windshield to the top of the DLO window adds a special feature to the electric car and extends to the C pole design that incorporates the ‘electric’ image.

Automatic Removal of Exterior Door Handles With digital lines added, digital side mirrors add to the final look.

At the back, the two-line rear bulbs have a flexible shape. The latter shows a permanent wing defect to accentuate the bubble-shaped roof by adding a dynamic high-performance image.

Shoulder size is emphasized in the back cover to create a lower and wider profile and combine it with technical features such as sensors, backlights and turn signals at the bottom.

The interior looks very similar to the Hyundai Ioniq 6 / Kia EV6 approach, but in fact, the style is limited to Genesis and much more advanced.

According to Genesis, the interior design features sophisticated and minimal details that emphasize ‘white space’.

The interior of the Genesis GV60

As we can see, there is one similar display on the Kia EV6, one for the device cluster, and the other for infotainment. On the sides, there are rear-view mirrors like the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Genesis sticks with the usual buttons and even introduces a fun spherical control – Crystal Sphere – to choose the driving mode.

The most prominent feature in the interior design of the GV60 is the crystal-shaped electronic transmission controller that describes the driving conditions of the driver.

The crystal ball displays a flashlight that illuminates when the vehicle is turned off, adding to the beauty of the driving experience.

The center console with the crystal sphere looks floating and offers passengers a whole new level with other features such as a full-fledged electric platform and a full electric platform.

The GV60 also adopted similarities in its interior design by applying circular details on crystal springs, horn covers, door handles and side mirrors.

The interior of the Genesis GV60

The Genesis GV60 promises to follow soon after the launch of its first electric car. Details and prices will be released simultaneously.

In the case of at least one European country, in the first year, Genesis plans to introduce three electric cars on the market, which means there will be one more soon.

Dominic Bochech, Managing Director of Genesis Motors Europe, commented:

During our first year in Europe, we promised to bring three electric cars to the region. Shortly after the launch of the G80, we are proud to announce that the GV60 is our second electric car in Europe.

“The GV60, a first-of-its-kind electric platform, offers a completely new experience as a luxury electric vehicle based on our unique brand identity and will benefit from our pre-sale customer service.