Green Newton Promotes Use of Electric Vehicles in the City

Leslie Zebrois bought Teslawa as a gift for her grandchildren, but I did not think the area would benefit from her gift.

The “Electric Driving: Fun, Carbon-Friendly and Affordable” seminar was part of a series of Greenwich talks on the area with Newton Eve Task Force Zerovtz and five other panelists: Ellen Myers, Green Newton’s co-chair. Cooper, George Kirby, Leora Silks, And Newton City Councilman Alicia Bowman. The event will be open to the public on September 23 and September 30 from 7 to 9 p.m.

“We look back and hope these are the horses and the wrong days,” said Zebrois. I really think we should go on, we just have to do it.

Newton has to make structural changes to its transportation systems, and the best way is to use electric vehicles, says Zebroitz. About 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the city come from residential and private vehicles, he said.

“It’s a very effective way to reduce the huge greenhouse gas emissions of our city,” said Zebrois.

Based on Massachusetts Pure Energy and Climate Planning, 100 percent of new car sales in the state. They should be EVs by 2035, says Zebrov. In Newton, Newton Climate Action Plan It calls for 33 percent of the city’s cars to be electric by 2030. Zebrois said the goals are to achieve carbon neutrality in Newton by 2050.

“But where are we?” Zebrois asked. “We are not too far away. A.D. By 2020, Newton’s cars were only 1.25 percent EV.

Zebroiz addresses common questions and concerns about the purchase of electric vehicles, charging car taxes, taxes, high prices and concerns about regional electric cars.

Owners of electric vehicles can charge their cars overnight at home, at work, and in some cases on roadblocks, Zebrois said. She suggested she use it ChargePoint App to find sites in Newton.

“People do not realize that there are charging stations in many places,” says Zebrois. “If you have an electric vehicle, you have an app on your phone that shows you where you are and tells you that they are free.

Another member of parliament, Kirby, who has owned Nissan’s LEAF for more than eight years, also argued for the benefits and efficiency of domestic charging stations.

The car’s appeal is partly taxable, Zebrois said. There is a 30 percent federal tax credit for the installation of an electric vehicle-charging unit up to $ 1,000. When you buy a new EV, people can earn up to $ 7,500 from the purchase price.

Repairs to HIV-related care are minimal, compared to about 2,000 units of gas trucks, says Zebrois. The redesign also reduced brake use in some EVs.

“You’ll be amazed at how easy it is,” says Kirby. After 8 years of driving, I finally had to replace my brake pads.

Kirby also said that charging is time consuming. Most homeowners can charge their car overnight or day without having to carry a fuel pump at the gas station.

“You get your lunch, you get your coffee, you don’t have to stand there with a plug in your hand,” says Kirby. “It’s like plugging your phone in at night.”

Participants talked about other forms of electric transportation: electric bicycles, scooters, and trucks. Zebrois said he had contacted the city council and hoped to find electric school buses.

“It’s very healthy for children, and the air around the buses is healthy at all stops and on the go,” says Zrovtz.

For Boeman, riding her bicycle, electric scooter or electric car around Boston is a daily experience that she says will bring her great joy. He said the efficiency of the vehicle and the less time spent at the gas station are some of the characteristics of electric transport.

“I prefer one of these other vehicles, which saves as much time and energy as possible, and it is fun,” said Bowman. This is the future of transportation for me, which has two routes.

Participants also explained the importance of an electric car purchase schedule.

“Tomorrow we are not saying that everyone should buy a new car, we are talking about replacing cars at the end of their lives,” Zrovtz said.

For the future of Newton City, Zebrois encouraged viewers to help spread the word and continue to learn about electric vehicles by contacting the Newton Eve Task Force.

“Electricity is coming, and Leslie explains for all that, it’s a much better drive,” Kirby said.

Featured image by Kera Hanlon / Heights senior staff