For centuries, From tires to rear-view mirrors, sports cars and race cars have indirectly created technology that everyone can use. For the Electric Vehicle Championship Formula E teams are well aware of this, which is why some are working to make electric vehicles an attractive option for our climate crisis.

Formula e Twitter will post a promotional image ahead of this week’s Berlin e-Prax.

Creativity is the core of Formula E

In March 2011, founder Alejandro Agag and FIA president Jean Todd first thought of Formula E in a series of notes on a cloth at a Parisian restaurant. The first race was held just seven years ago at the Beijing Olympic Park.

But says Silvan Philipp, managing director of Envision Virgin Racing Formula E Group vice versa It already has improved electric cars.

Philippi provides an example of electric car voltage. Voltage is a measure of power (measured in watts) and current (measured in amps). That means a higher voltage for an electric car means more power in the engine.

When the first phase begins in 2014, standard electric vehicles will provide 300 to 400 volts. But even in those early days, Formula E was running at 900 volts.

“There are only so many high voltage benefits,” says Philip. “There are no negatives.”

This means:

  • Less heat than simple operation
  • Half bulbs for the same power, which reduces losses
  • Enables super fast charger
  • That, in turn, allows for longer trips

Want to know more about Formula E, how the technology will make all EVs more efficient, and what the EV industry will look like in 2025? Read the full interview with Sylvain Philippi, only in MUSK READS +.

Going beyond running

Since most cars currently use 400 volts, Formula E had to be developed for all of these high-voltage components.

“We created the entire supply chain five or six years ago,” says Philip.

That goes down to the ordinary user –

  • The Porsche Taika claims to be the first 800-volt vehicle. 185,000 Turbo S provides 2.6 seconds of acceleration time from 0 to 60 mph.
  • Hyundai’s upcoming Ioniq 5 is capable of adding 70 miles in five minutes in 800 volts architecture.
  • Delphi Technologies, Inverter Supplier, 2020 He said it will supply three 800-volt products to three of the world’s four largest cars by 2024.

But while Formula E has pushed electric cars forward, there is still a long way to go.

“Although technology is at an all-time high, we are still at the forefront of technology,” says Philippi. “That’s fun.”

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