In 1905, the first gas pump appeared in St. Louis, Missouri, to meet the growing demand for motor vehicles. Before the invention of what appeared to be a hand-held water pump, people drove their cars out of gasoline that they had bought at a pharmacy or hardware store.

A.D. It was not until 1913 that the first purpose-built, self-propelled gas stations began to appear in cities across the United States.

As of this year, the country has more than 121,000 convenience stores selling motor fuel. That figure does not include tens of thousands of supermarkets, kiosks, and other petrol stations.

But ICC vehicles are not the only ones on the road today. By one estimate, there are currently 26,000 electric charging stations (EVs) in the United States, and if President Joe Biden finds his way, we will need much more. Five hundred thousand more to be more accurate.

Half of all vehicle sales by 2030 will be electric?

Last week, Biden set a goal by the end of the decade to be 50% of all vehicles sold in the United States.

That is a long order. According to Ward Intelligence, EV sales in the United States today account for only 2.4% of vehicle sales. Billions of dollars have been invested in EV producers – about $ 28 billion by 2020 alone – and billions more will be needed to achieve the goal.

Although not impossible. In a joint statement following the president’s announcement, General Motors (GM) and Ford pledged to achieve 40% to 50% of EV by the end of the decade. GM believes that by 2035, it will be able to reach “zero emissions, the future of all electricity.” Most car manufacturers are actually making similar promises.

Good results for metal and minerals

The question that investors may have in light of this news is how to handle their portfolios. Investing in select car manufacturers seems attractive – we invest a little, including Tesla and Volkswagen – but the way I choose exposure is with manufacturers of metals and other materials needed to increase EV production.

When most people come to EVs, the metals they think of are lithium or copper, and the latter I have written many times. But it is important to ignore other key metals. According to the Bloomberg NF, global demand for nickel and aluminum could increase by 13 to 14 times by 2030.

The demand for silver should also benefit in the coming years. As it is a highly efficient metal, silver will increase in all parts of the next generation of vehicles, including switches, relays, fuses, fuses, and more.

Choosing the right companies to invest in can be very difficult. I recommend many over the past year. We love nano-one materials that develop high-performance cathode materials used in high-lit lithium-ion batteries. Standard lithium for projects in Arkansas and California has increased by more than 550% in the last 12 months. Exposure to copper: We will continue to minimize mining at the Kamoa-Kakula concentration plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo last week, according to Ivanho.

It can only be an investment in an active natural resource fund that monitors various mining and mining companies involved. Take the S&P Global Natural Resources Index, which tracks 90 companies. It has increased by about 40% in the last 12 months, and the 50-day moving average has been more than 200 days since last September.

US Manufacturing and Services PMIs at Record Levels

Contributing to my courage is the fact that the S&P 500 companies won revenue estimates and the impressive manufacturing and services PMI readings last month.

So far, 87% of companies in the S&P 500 have reported results for the second quarter, with 87% winning Wall Street estimates. If 87% were for the quarterly rate, FactSet would mark the highest percentage since 2008.

In July, the IHS Mark Manufacturing PMI came in at 63.4, the most significant improvement in U.S. manufacturing conditions since 2007. This is probably the “strongest seller market we have seen”… the fastest pace has yet to be recorded and producers can raise their sales prices to an unprecedented level, ”says IHS Marxist Chris Williamson.

Providers were also on vacation. Services PMI 64.1, as well as the highest ever and 14th month expansion of the services sector.

It is important to remember that the PMI or Purchasing Manager Index is looking forward. It will measure the growth of factories and service providers over the next several months. The brighter they are, the more likely they are to increase orders for raw materials (in the case of manufacturers) and finished goods (in the case of service providers) as they are now.

And with the US economy growing nearly 1 million jobs in two months, I expect the demand to remain strong.

There is still time!

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