Electric vehicles have image problems. Despite Tesla’s efforts to make them “cool,” EVs are still ridiculed for their gestures and driving habits, often using insults such as “milk floats” and “golf carts.” With the new concept, Audi is aiming for something very desirable, but the electrification is not so surprising about it.

The concept of Audi Sky was unveiled yesterday at Monterrey Car Week, and the electric features are not so revolutionary. The Audi has a 465 kW (624 HP) engine, surprisingly rear wheels (not all four), and an 80 kW battery with a range of more than 300 miles. The speed will be 0-60mph in 4 seconds, which now looks like a pedestrian, the Tesla Model S Ply 60MHz boasts 2 seconds per hour and the Tesla Model 3 performance can do in 3.1 seconds. The mill run so far.

But then there is the design. Low-sliding batt-like heads (assumed to be out of concept) are guaranteed to rotate the head. Inspired by the “Spirit of the Sky”, the 1930’s Horse 853 was a road trip, an example of this car. He won the 2009 Elebans at Pebble Beach – Monterrey Car Week. Horch is an unusual car, and the winner of the show finally sold over $ 5 million in 2012. However, the new Audi was not a well-known car, so it was only inspired.

The most unusual thing about Audi Sky’s concept is that it has a flexible rubber base. The length of the car and the distance between the front and rear wheels can be adjusted by 250 mm and the ground clearance by 10 mm. This driving variable is more than a change; It’s about mode. The shorter 4.94-meter version of the car offers a “sport” mode for greater efficiency and driving experience. The 5.19-meter “Grand Touring” mode turns the steering wheel and pedals back into a fully automatic steering system.

Although this is not such a radical idea. If you are a fan of driving, you will want to experience a breeze on windy roads. But you will probably enjoy sitting on traffic or on highways. Tasks like Tesla’s Autosteer or similar Level 2 or 3 capabilities (like Audi Traffic Jam Pilot) are gods for boring travel. Tesla has long focused on the car’s entertainment, giving people what to do when driving. The Mercedes EQS aims to provide user-friendly functions while driving.

Audi Skylight gets its name from the open top, and you can lie back and enjoy the landscape while the car is driving itself in the Great Touring mode. Audi suggests you post about your trip on social media. The extra length in this case provides more space for residents to expand, making long trips more tolerable. Audi even talks about the car charger itself, although it does not say how it will fit itself. Valet service maybe?

Audi Sky is still the first of three “sphere” concepts, and grandshpere and city cars are still coming. The granddaughter’s place is ridiculed, and it’s an A7-sized executive sedan, probably with Tesla Model S (to Audi and parent company Volkswagen, which has not yet been electrically powered), although the Audi e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan are close). A.D. With the exception of 2022, there are few details about the city.

In any case, it is reassuring to see some radical thinking with Audi and EV Design, even though it is controversial how much it will come in production cars. Honda e is unique. If you compare what the EQS concepts look like with the cars that come with it, the second one is the most common. The key to Audi Skylight is an electric drive, and although some people still want to enjoy their driving, it will be much more affordable in a short time. Cars are designed around this idea. We hope Audi also manages to make this look like this EV.