LOS ANGELES, November 18, 2011 (WIC) – Cars chasing Tesla Inc. (TSLA.O), a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, unveiled new, more affordable and larger electric sports vehicles at the Los Angeles Auto Show, speeding into one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry. American Market.

Kia Motors (000270.KS) named Tesla at the event, announcing that the upcoming EV6 Tesla’s previous record crossing hit the United States for more than five hours while driving for a short period of charging.

Kia and related Hyundai Motor (005380.KS) have unveiled the concept of a large three-wheeled electric sports vehicle EV9 and Seven. The two models are expected to go on sale by 2024, according to two sources.

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“They (Tesla) have a strong sales and a very good public awareness. But not everything is for everyone. So there should always be an option,” said Michael Machel, director of Kia Product Experience.

The focus on electric SUVs reflects strong demand among US consumers, which are typically selling at a higher price than similar sedans. Industry executives and analysts say big SUVs are the biggest selling point in the US market.

Brett Smith, director of technology at the Automotive Research Center, said:

Rotating dashboard screens

Tesla Challengers will also feature new features, such as a dashboard screen in a Fisker Ocean SUV.

Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker Inc., says the ocean will be the first production vehicle to change screens between vertical and horizontal directions.

“We have registered a patent against it,” he told Reuters.

“I think it will appeal to a lot of young people who like to play on the screen. Also, when you are charging.”

Kia North America’s Russell Wager will present the Kia Eve 6 at the 2021 LA Auto Show in Los Angeles, California, on November 17, 2021. REUTERS / Ringo Chiu

Fisker and Winfast will also use the show to come on the radar, offering new models and bolder claims that there will be cheaper and longer-distance vehicles than Tesla’s competitors. L4N2S803Q

Tesla has transformed the electric vehicle market into a luxury, high-tech car, and SUVs such as the Model Y, with a capitalization of over $ 1 trillion, becoming the world’s most valuable automotive. Models.

Tesla has taken advantage of the technological edge and strong demand to increase the price of its vehicles due to the rising cost of raw materials and semiconductors this year.

Competitive EV makers will see the opening.

According to Michael Lohshler, CEO of Winfast Global, the vehicles will be “affordable” and will be the key to converting people from petrol to electric cars.

Exporting models to Magna International has allowed the company to shorten its growth time and use long-term battery technology from supplier CATL, Fisker said.

“The technology is very new. Most other car makers choose their technology three years before the vehicle is released,” he said.

But it will be a challenge for older cars and beginners to take the Tesla, which is “similar to electric vehicles,” Smith said.

GM has launched Nissan electric cars, but none of them have changed Tesla’s dominance, says Smith of Automotive Research. He added that expanding EVs is another challenge.

“The electric vehicle is opening up opportunities for many companies, no matter where they come from.”

Because Tesla did not do it lightly or others would do it.

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Reporting by Hyunjoo Jin; Edited by Joe White and Nick Ziminsky

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