The Israeli Transformer Company, behind an electric vehicle capable of crushing parking lots, has announced a new partnership with United Hazalah, an emergency medical response company, to include the launch’s “flexible” city vehicles in its fleet.

The deal will make United Hatzalan the first transformer to operate a network of trained volunteers with specially equipped motorcycle ambulances.

A.D. Founded in 2014, the company owns a CT-1 electric vehicle, a 2.49-meter (8.2-foot) and 1.4-meter-wide patrol vehicle that can lower the river up to one meter (39 inches). Extensive for parking or driving. Inside, there is space for a driver and another adult. Alternatively, the passenger seat may carry two children. As the tire base becomes narrower, the nest does not shrink or change.

The vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 45 km / h (28 miles / h) and up to 90 km / h in narrow mode. It remains static, and can travel 100-150 km (62-93 miles) per charge.

The company hopes to build a “strong, comfortable and sustainable” solution for urban dwellers and those who want to avoid the inconvenience of standard-size cars, especially in dense cities.

The Transformer states that the four CT-1s can solve the problem of urban parking by entering a regular parking space.

Urban Transformer City 1 may reduce the size of the vehicle to fit into parking spaces and make it easier to move in traffic. (Urban Transformer)

Last year, City-1 was named in TIME Magazine’s 100 Best Innovations for “Changing the Way We Live, Work, Play and Think.”

Dove Miesel, vice president of operations at United Hatzala, told the Times of Israel that the company has been closely following developments with City Transformer since its inception.

“We approached this from two directions. First, the safety of our volunteers and drivers. And second, the creative part. We have created a motorcycle ambulance, and it is clear why – for example, you can easily travel – but this limits us because all volunteers do not have a motorcycle license or do not want to be on a motorcycle.

“There is a compact car option that is easy to navigate and does not require much parking, such as in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem,” he said.

Miesel said one of the most important aspects of the agreement was the format of the joint ship. Under the agreement, a total of 1,000 City Transformer City-1 units will be located in various cities in Israel, and the United Hatzilla Volunteer Network will be able to quickly locate one vehicle and use it to respond to nearby medical emergencies.

“This can make volunteers travel faster: you can only get a city transformer.

The City Transformer claims that the four CT-1s can be fitted to a standard parking lot. (Screenshot / Urban Transformer)

The location, unlock, and operation of the vehicle will be performed on the volunteer device through the app, and the emergency address will be pre-entered into the vehicle’s navigation software, which will be linked to the release center, Miesel explained.

Hatzallah responds to nearly 2,000 calls a day across the country, the organization said.

Doctors and security forces respond to a shooting on a highway outside the Dolv camp in the Central West Bank (February 6, 2020) (Hatzallah)

According to the announcement, the deal with City Transformer is estimated at $ 22 million.

Michel said the five-year deal will see a number of tests on the road starting next year.

The Urban Transformer said in January that he hopes to get a European Certificate of C-1 by the end of Europe and that the first examples of the converter will be on Israeli roads in 2022-2023. Israel complies with European certification requirements for vehicles and CT-1 seeks eligibility as a “quadriple-cyclist”, the company’s chief executive Asaph Formosa said in a statement at the time.

“Billions of people are living and working in the city and are being given a new and efficient alternative to mobility – it combines the benefits of driving safety and comfort, with the benefits of parking, mobility and the use of motorcycles,” said Formosa. This, without the defect of the car and the motorcycle.

Urban Transformer City 1 vehicle. (Urban Transformer).

The first vehicles were manufactured by German road cars. Much of the future production is also done by third parties.

“When we go shopping, we are the first customers to get the cars,” says Michelle.

City Transformer cars are available in white, gray, blue and red with a pre-order price of ,500 12,500 ($ 14,500).

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