new York, November 2, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Juliz has set up a innovative EV rental car company to drive the transition to electric vehicles and transform the rental car industry.

Julius a new York-Abased web and mobile rental car platform is built around the unique needs of EV tenants who want to change the rental industry and provides the foundation for a comprehensive network around EV.

It is the mind of the CEO of the company Micah Bergadell, A former Apple engineer who was one of the first Mac Geniuses hired as a part Steve Jobs In 2001, Apple launched a retail initiative.

Bergdale is a long-time supporter and supporter of EV technology and has played a key role in the decision-making experience of Apple, an Apple fan, and later, Tesla and EV’s fan base.

So far, Julius has been exalted. $ 85,000 From the beginner engine campaign to the beginning $ 1.07 million Enhance, ( $ 1 With a small investment per share $ 100.

“The car rental industry has not yet been able to meet the growing demand for green transportation,” Bergadell said. “Currently, EVs account for only 2% of the cars in the rental industry. I don’t know of any company that wants to open a special EV rental company.

The company’s ordering system allows customers to book through the mobile application or website via video conferencing and a backup management interface.

“We recognize that renting EVs can take some adjustments for those who are accustomed to gas cars, and we are committed to providing as much user-friendly experience as possible,” he said.

Potential benefits for investors in Julius include:

  • The car rental market is expected to arrive $ 214 billion A.D. By 2027, Millennials and Gen Z will be the largest consumer demographic in the US, and demand for green services such as EV rentals will only continue to grow.
  • The resale price of AVs has surpassed that of traditional gas-powered cars, and the company expects this trend to continue, which will provide sustained funding for large-scale operations.
  • The founding team of Julius was previously a leading supplier of mobile software platform for mass transport, and is now owned by Siemens.

As it prepares to launch, the company has a beta testing team of customers who rent their Tesla and are developing a mobile app that customers can use to book their cars. Julius offers rentals at competitive prices New York City Market with prices $ 75$ 200/day.

Most of the money raised from the first phase of the CF campaign is used to expand the number of vehicles in the company’s fleet.


Julius is an electric vehicle rental company that aims to transform the rental car industry and lay the foundation for the ecosystem built around supporting EVs.

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