Car companies around the world are moving to the EV world. Most major car companies now rely entirely on electric vehicles. That being said, most of them are not yet in production, and will be in a year or so. Gone are the days when one was ridiculed in horrific states and horrific charging times.

Since the inception of the missing Nissan leaf a decade or so ago, the EV industry has changed dramatically. The most expensive car company is now Tesla – although their production has not yet increased. In many ways the EVs are now superior to the internal combustion engines (ICCs), the speed is an example of the EVs not being defeated. Since most car makers plan to sell EVs or most EVs by 2030 alone, EVs are now ready for explosive growth.

Tesla Model S. Plaid +


Via Tesla

The Tesla Model S Plaid + may be the best EV on the market right – at least until Lucid Motors hit Lucid Airways, Lucid Air did not make this list, because Lucid Motors is not yet a major car company.


Via Tesla

The Model S-Ply boasts 415 miles of charge and an impressive 200 miles.

Mercedes EQS 580 4MATIC


Through Mercedes

Mercedes is booming in the new Mercedes EQS series and has high hopes for the product and will soon be in production. The Mercedes EQS 580 4MATIC is a luxury product that starts at $ 170,000.

Mercedes_EQS_2021-01 @ 2x

Through Mercedes

This Mercedes boasts 395 mileage and a speed of 62 miles (6.2 seconds behind Model Slip) in 6.2 seconds. It also has a top speed of 130 mph.

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BMW iX xDrive 50



The BMW iX xDrive 50 is the best EV BMW to offer at this time (or indeed once a year). It comes with a range of 315 miles and a maximum speed of 124 miles.


Via YouTube

This SUV shutdown is also faster than the EQS, reaching 62 miles / h in 4.8 seconds, which is more observable. By the way, BMW is still in the next EV.

General Motors Hammer EV


Through General Motors

Hammer comes with a pickup and SUV option like the Hummer EV. The ride comes at a maximum of 350 miles per charge and speeds up to 60 MPH in 3.0 seconds.


Through General Motors

If you are planning to get off the road, and you want an electric vehicle, then the Hummer EV is for you (or Rivian R1T / R1S) which does not make this list because it is not a major car company.

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Porsche Taikan Plus


Via YouTube

Porsche Taika is one of the first sports electric cars. Taikan is already proving to be one of the most popular players in my portfolio. It boasts a speed of 285 miles and a speed of 144 km / h in 5.4 seconds to 62 miles.


Via YouTube

One of these will reimburse you $ 110,000. Still, this is like a good vehicle, if you have the money, buy a Tesla Roadster when it finally arrives – it only wins on all the details.

Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S


Via Volkswagen

Disciplined and repentant, Volkswagen collapses in the wake of the most devastating e-fraud scandal, with the 3.3 ProS coming at a top speed of 99 miles and 280 miles.

Volkswagen_ ID3-01 @ 2x

Via Volkswagen

Relatively more affordable than the others listed so far, the ID 3 Pro S starts at $ 51,000 and offers respectable specifications. Volkswagen has announced that it will abandon all ICE development this year, as it currently focuses only on producing EVs.

Nissan Arya 87 kW


Via YouTube

The first Japanese car company to make this list and, finally, we are choosing Nissan over Nissan. Arias is moving at a speed of 275 miles and a top speed of 99 miles.


Via YouTube

Still, the low-cost Aria 87k starts at $ 61,000 and is another option for those looking for an electric SUV. If it wants to sell in the European market, Nissan will need more EVs.

Ford Mustang Mach-E ER RWD


Via YouTube

Ford is trying to get into the EV market with one of his favorite and most popular names. Electrical disconnection The Mustang Mach-E is up for grabs.


Via YouTube

Still, the Mustang Mach-E is coming at 270 miles and 112 miles at high speed, promising to be a great vehicle. The electric F-150 is set to follow in a year.

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Audi e-Tron Giti Quatro


Via YouTube

Audi is entering the new electronic series. The Audi e-tron GT Quattro comes at 260 mph and 152 mileage per hour: much better than the Ford Mustang EV.


Via YouTube

None of this is cheap. They start at $ 122,000. Audi had planned to invest in ICEs last year, but this year they stopped all investment.

Skoda Enyaq iV 80

Skoda_Enyaq_iV_2020-01 @ 2x

Via Skoda

Finally, on this list, we have a Czech car maker, Skoda with the Eniyak iV 80. This SUV crossing is also standard and dignified, with a width of 260 miles and a maximum speed of 99 miles – ideal for home in Europe.


Via YouTube

It is also one of the most affordable vehicles on this list, with a starting price tag of around $ 51,000. Skoda is the most popular product in Europe, but much less so in North America.

To sum up, the car market is changing and now car manufacturers around the world are offering electric vehicles that can be really tempting to buy.

Porsche Taikan
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