This week, the A.D. The team is in Florida, the sun, to record the Miami Arts and Design Week. Get inside us Preview textAnd be sure to see what we see in Figures 2 and 3.

Great whip

For half a decade, Lexus has been ordering innovative designs in Miami. Over the years, those configurations have evolved in the same way as Ono and Ahh car drivers and design heads, with a new shiny Lexus vehicle appearing on the scene. But with the title for this year’s edition On /, The brand has gone further with the battery-powered version LF-Z Electrified, with the battery-powered electric concept car. Designed on a 1-on-1 scale, the project was designed by the students of the German Wise German Barnes and the University of Miami at Matchless in Portland, Oregon.

On / Presented by Lexus for Design Miami 2021 at Barnes & University of Miami, Germany.

Photo: Steve Benisty

“We have asked them to bring this idea of ​​electrification to life,” said Brian Bolein, general manager of Lexus International Marketing and Public Relations. (Although the annual commission often includes a new designer, the collaboration with the school was a new addition – and Barnes said it helps to strengthen the idea of ​​supporting future design.) , Colorful Floor, Barnes, and the crew of the ship designed high arched Instagram arches, each swaying from side to side. (The idea? “Leaks into the future of carbon-neutral neutrality,” says Barnes.)

Vintage furniture made from custom tables and chairs also fills the corners, adding an interactive touch to the view. Combined with the recurring archetype theme, the series is a bit of a tip to our university, ”said Barnes.

AD100 starts

When designers and artists entered the city, it was everyone’s question. Are you going to see Troy Sivan? Black Studio: The latest theme of the designed home is the Australian Kroner A.D. Open Doors is part of the celebration of the launch of the new AD100 list at the Guadem Hotel Hotel around 9pm on Tuesday. Many of the first and foremost members of the list, including Ken Fook, Rodman Primak, Mandy Cheng and others, are admired. (Read more about the evening – and the design of the Sivan’s stage and the collaboration with Pam Shamshiri.) Welcoming guests to the event, A.D.Amy Astley, International Editor-in-Chief and US Editor-in-Chief, captures the international sentiment:

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Speech Leaders

Designer Miami presents not only the latest in lighting and furniture but also great ideas. We joined some art and creative talks to hear a few of ourselves. Whitewall And Lexus. Looks like a salon near Harry Nuriyev sink Bedroom Loading, and the pop-up of art and design books (by Peter Marino Channel Architecture And Mikhail Thomas’ new volume by Asolin’s attention), experts gathered to hear from some of the exhibition partners. On Tuesday afternoon, designers Benchettrit, Arcana Menon and Harry Nuriyev took to the stage to discuss how artists and designers are creating sustainability with architect Thomas Coldefi and moderator Alessandro Posati. Nuriyev emphasized that material innovation is creating new opportunities in design, and Menon discussed how alternative construction technologies can help shape new work.