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When writing about cars, you can expect people to ask for your advice on which car to buy. But the question is really “which one.” Used I have to buy a car. “Most of us are silent. Suggestions for used electric vehicle. And my default $ 20,000 BMW i3 did not cut it.

Fortunately, I noticed that Kelly Blue’s book, which deals with long-term reliability and price reductions, has published a list of the best-selling blends and EVs for 2021, with a top-10 list for cars under $ 15,000 and under $ 20,000.

As expected by those price points, the details are in parallel with hybrids like Toyota Prussia. No Tesla, I’m afraid – the cheapest used Model 3, which appeared in a short search this morning, still costs $ 28,000, the rest had three starting prices. But some battery ratings make KBB a top-10 list.

Less than $ 20,000

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV has made the list, although KBB is now in the second memory to fix the problem with battery burns. Volkswagen has been able to resell the damaged cars after repairing them, as it has done with cars that have been called off due to illegal emissions. That could mean a lot of bolts out there for BEV buyers looking to negotiate.

The other $ 20,000 on the KB list is the 2018 Nissan Leaf. Nissan’s second-generation Beve was cheaper than the Bolt EV and therefore had less power and shorter range. It also has a built-in cooling capacity for the batteries, which means that longevity is more important than other BVs. And DC Fast Charging, if equipped, requires a CHAdeMO connector, which is a lost charger. (Every non-Tesla every EV on the market uses CCS in the US.)

Despite a shortage of chips and a sharp increase in car prices over the past year, a quick search on the auto shows some examples of both BVs or $ 20,000. But there are some options. If you don’t want a continental range, the BMW i3 will remain my go-to. Near this price point nothing else comes with a carbon-fiber passenger cell, and the i3 remains one of the best designs of the last decade. It looks like the best BMWs have ever been. And It has suicide doors.

If you want something even smaller between payments, you can get the 2018 Smart Fortwo EVs collection. I don’t drive an electric smartphone, but in the second generation, the Daler fixes most of the shortcomings of the first version (like a horrible slow transmission), and the EV transmission should still be improved. If you are looking for a car that looks familiar with the AV transmission, but is not the smartest, you will find Mercedes Benz B-Class Evis and Volkswagen e-Golf here.

The second-generation Chevrolet Volts are also relatively large at this price point. Few people are lost because the transmission is more efficient by driving the front wheels directly at high speeds, and the rear two seats may be too small. But for all intents and purposes, it is a very efficient (mostly) hybrid series with a large enough battery to withstand the conditions of daily travel.

Less than $ 15,000

Only two plugins list KVB sub-$ 15,000 used EVs and hybrids. One is the first Gene Nissan leaf to be replaced for the model year 2018 in the aforementioned version. Lack of active temperature management means battery failure is a problem on these sheets, and the car’s 107 mile range was never too big to start.

Another plug for cutting was the first-generation Chevrolet Volt. It only has a shorter range on batteries than a replacement car, but it drives well and still has a large enough battery to keep you from using the internal combustion engine on most trips.

Again, there are options at this price point. Yes, BMW i3s can be found for $ 15,000, and everything I said about it will come true. There are still smart phones in this price band and occasionally the Kia Sol EV, as well as the Ford Focus Electric or Toyota RAV4 EV on the car.

But even driving an electric motor should not be expensive. A budget of $ 10,000 or less may not get you more than 100 miles, but there are many older Nissan sheets with four-digit price tags, as well as cars for sale, such as the Ford or Fiat 500e. Although this may indicate the establishment of a Mitsubishi i-MiEV, even half of this total will be purchased by BEV.