A new study from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Argon National Laboratory provides the most comprehensive results so far on the cost of handling and managing different types of vehicles and how they vary by power.

The study is entitled “Total Ownership Value for Vehicles of Different Sizes and Transmissions”.

Argon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories participated in the study.

Reasons should be considered

To calculate the total cost of ownership, the researchers considered:

  • Vehicle purchase cost
  • Discount
  • Financial and fuel costs
  • Insurance related expenses (new)
  • Repair and maintenance (new)
  • Taxes and fees (new)
Mac electric garbage truck

The report covers the following vehicles.

  • Lightweight passenger vehicles: compact and medium-sized sedans, small and large sports vehicles, and pickup trucks
  • Semi-tractors for medium and heavy commercial vehicles; Medium boats and cars; Transportation buses; Box, utility air and garbage trucks; Garbage trucks.

It also looks at the following power transmissions:

  • Internal combustion engine
  • Mixed electric vehicle
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
  • Fuel cell electric vehicle
  • Battery electric vehicle

Research findings (electric vehicles in bold)

According to the study, Battery maintenance costs are 40% less than ICE vehicles.

In general, hybrid electric vehicles are now more likely to be low-cost power transmission. However Battery electric vehicles reach price equity as battery prices decrease, And hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles will be priced the same as conventional vehicles as hydrogen prices decrease.

David Golke, an energy and environmental analyst at Argon and co-author of the study, said:

Not sure how quickly these costs will be reduced, but the technology is moving in the right direction.

Other notable findings include: Argon National Laboratory (and electric vehicle discoveries are brilliant)

Other noteworthy findings include cars slowing down faster than light trucks and that includes Older electric vehicles are cheaper than newer electric vehicles.

Light on-duty vehicle insurance costs are comparable to a variety of power transmission lines, and both vehicle size and occupation affect the cost of medium / heavy duty commercial vehicle insurance.

Taxes and fees for vehicles that require a lower tax on power transmission types and size units are reasonable, though. In many states there are very low registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles.

Many Electric tractor trailers suffer additional battery weight, By reducing the load capacity, and this cost may be higher.

Charging for commercial vehicles may take some time; If this fee is paid by the hourly rate, labor may allow this cost to control the total cost of ownership.

Long-distance battery electric vehicle semi-tractorsThe most expensive today due to their large batteries, A.D. It will be the most expensive transit in 2035 As battery prices go down.

For local transportation vehicles such as Part 4 trucks; Battery electric vehicle is the lowest cost option in 2025, The starting year of the study modeling.

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