Would the Americans never accept the iPhone if the government did not force producers and telephone dealers?

Wrong. The government should never order the availability of smartphones. As those devices progressed, they became the marketplace for millions of people.

Why not allow electric vehicles to have their place in the market?

Electric vehicles have a bright future. I hope to one day own the cost when the matrix makes sense to me. But ordering the presence of state governments is a serious mistake.

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That’s what Minnesota did, becoming the first Middle East state to join 14 other supply missions.

Incentives and infrastructure are a proven way to get more electric vehicles on the road. Scott Lambert, President Minnesota Car Dealers Association, In a press release about the move, by Dana Ferguson by each reporter. But the governor has done nothing about infrastructure, and California regulation is a pure supply chain that does not address demand.

»[Gov. Tim] Waltz He said it was wrong for Minnesota merchants to ask for a stockpile of electric or hybrid vehicles, ”Ferguson reported, but how could they not be right?

The government can force manufacturers and retailers to get more electric vehicles, but the only way the policy will succeed is if the demand for electric vehicles among the population is not met.

While many Americans buy and enjoy electric cars, for many (like me), electric cars still do not make sense. They are expensive. The current models focus on small cars, not SUVs or trucks that most Americans choose. They also take a long time to fill, even under optimal conditions, and depending on which model you buy, the region can be a problem. Risks of finding mechanics that can be repaired and maintained at an affordable price, especially in rural areas.

I believe these issues will one day be resolved, but here and now, as states like Minnesota try to force the automotive market into electric cars, they will continue.

There is evidence that these orders will cause the emergence of the most dangerous electric car industry and the potentially damaging financial bubble.

Tesla's charging station has been set up at the north end of the Buffalo Mall parking lot next to the Economy Home Store in Jamesston.  John M. Steiner / Sun

Tesla’s charging station has been set up at the north end of the Buffalo Mall parking lot next to the Economy Home Store in Jamesston. John M. Steiner / Sun.

Tesla, He Elon Musk The company is widely recognized for its great success in the emerging electric vehicle industry, but we must remember that its companies are only profitable due to the obligations of these states. In April, Tesla reported a net worth of $ 438 million for the quarter. But since that quarter, the company’s revenue has been $ 518 million in control credit sales.

What are control credits?

“The United States, California, and at least 13 other states have laws governing credit,” CNBC reports (Minnesota is now among those states). Based on the total number of cars sold in that particular state, car manufacturers are required to produce a limited number of so-called ZEVs.

“Because Tesla only sells electric cars under the ZEV category, the company always has excessive control credit, so it can sell them at 100% profit,” CNBC continues.

Minnesota rules are based in California, remember, that means Minnesota’s new mission contributes to Tesla’s nonprofit credit.

These orders from the regional governments have created the world’s largest electric car maker to become more profitable, not by selling less than what is sold, but by selling the government’s imaginary images.

How does that help with electric vehicles make sense for Minnesota residents, especially Americans in general?

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