Get a sedan when you can still.

Toyota Avalon, Mazda 6 and Volkswagen Passat join the fast-growing sedan fleet. Americans’ persistent appetite for sports cars and trucks is one reason. other? Electric vehicles, some experts say. general manager Joe Wissenfelder told ABC News: “Sports cars and sedans are already on the brink. “EVs may be responsible for providing the final shock.”

Ford, Lincoln and Chrysler left the sedan long ago. Many cars may follow.

“When cars turn their attention to something else, something goes wrong and they are often already at risk,” says Wisenfelder. “Automobiles are leaving a shape – not a need. Medium-sized cars are now a sub-SUV.”

IHS Market analyst Stephen Brilley argues that EVs are now the reason why cars are fleeing sedans and eliminating the production of long-term models.

“Sides and sports cars will continue to fall for a little longer,” he wrote in a recent LinkedIn post. “It is unfortunate for me that the need to invest in these types of EVs and electrification has been suppressed.

According to Brilley, 30.2% of sales of SUV and cross-country sales in 2020 By 2020, the US market has reached 51%. Sedan’s sales are the opposite – 22.6% in 2020 and 46.2% in 2010.

If we weren’t fighting costs [electric vehicle] Transition, some sedans can survive even in low volumes, ”Brinley told ABC News. EVs are capital-oriented and expensive. Product development money goes to EVs.

Rori Carroll, editor-in-chief of Jalopnik, said automotors have one goal: to make money.

If you invest in something, you don’t take money from the products you sell, ”he told ABC News. “Sports cars and sedans – those are not for sale now. Automobiles are in the business of selling cars.

Michael Tripp, vice president of automotive marketing and communications at Toyota North America, advocated for Avalon’s 28-year production run, which had a “history” of 30,000 units sold annually. His confusion? VVs.

Tripp told ABC News: “The [large sedan] In the last four, five years, it has dropped from 70% to 75%. It has nothing to do with Avalon Power Training. It is attached to the room. “

The epidemic – and not the EVs – may have accelerated the slide away from the Cedars, according to self-wiki editor Natalie Nef.

He told ABC News: “Automobiles have been moving away from that area. People don’t buy sodomy … That’s why Ford left the car construction business a few years ago.

She added, “The functionality of a block is much lower than that of a crossroads. Like a sedan, it does not provide greater performance or fuel efficiency or utility.

Many Americans are gradually becoming more and more electric. Brinley’s battery-electric vehicle registrations reached 2.4 percent in the US market last year and 1.8% in the first six months of 2021. IHS Mark predicts that by 2030, American light car sales will be BAVs.

“EVs are partially unacceptable in the market,” says Jalopnik Carol. “This is a great technique, but it’s not a driving experience. My mother is too scared to go fast.”

When General Motors launched Bolton and Volt ten years ago, Wissenfelder said there were few Americans who were interested in AVs. But government policy and industrial pressure are increasing these billions of dollars.

“There is a gamble on leaving future production plans for nothing but EVs,” says Wisenfelder. “The last big push was upset. Not this time. Many producers are in the game.”

Brinley is still convinced that sedans have a place in the crowded automotive market. She says EVs may be up-to-date now, but the damage is serious.

“For many consumers, EVs are still a bit of a mystery. Adoption takes time. ” Although admirable, it will be a very long transition.