Motorists like Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz are known for their fast and light supercar. Most are powered by gasoline engines.

Companies want to create electric versions of their popular cars before implementing policies that restrict gas-powered engines.

As governments around the world become increasingly concerned about climate change, car manufacturers are upgrading their state-of-the-art vehicles with renewable energy. Batteries.

However, the batteries used by electric cars today are very difficult to use in most supercarriers. The weight of the batteries prevents drivers from reaching high speeds. Also, if the cars go too fast, the engines in electric cars will overheat.

The $ 1.2 million, one of the eight Rimak Automobile Concepts Electric Electric Supercar will be unveiled at the 2017 New York International Car Show on April 13, 2017 in New York City. REUTERS / Lucas Jackson / File Photo

Motorists, including Rimac from Croatia, Lotus from Great Britain and Sweden, Coiniggs, must continue to build hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of vehicles, and develop better engines and batteries.

That’s why it produces only 23 kilograms of motors for use in electric cars, working with new companies such as the UK. Traditional engines for supercars can weigh up to 300 kg.

YASA uses a technology known as stock flow. Another company, Saitata, is working on axial flow electric motors Motorcycles. It says it can make a larger version for Supercarrs.

Stock motors have been around for a long time, but they can soon be considered a solution for carmakers as they can produce a good amount of energy for their weight.

Graham Lenden works for Sita. In the wake of the electric car crash, traditional car companies are “looking for someone to hold their hands,” he said.

A Reuters news agency reports that switching to electric supercharts could cost billions of cars without knowing whether the investment will pay off.

On August 24, 2021, two electric cars were parked at Oxford, Britain's Yasa headquarters and a manufacturing facility.  The picture was taken on August 24, 2021.  REUTERS / May James

On August 24, 2021, two electric cars were parked at Oxford, Britain’s Yasa headquarters and a manufacturing facility. The picture was taken on August 24, 2021. REUTERS / May James

Daymerler is a company that manufactures Mercedes Benz. He recently bought YASA to power the electric motors.

Tim Welmer started YASA in 2009. He said the engine was cold and that car companies did not have to worry too much. In addition, since stock flow engines are smaller and lighter than traditional engines, cars are generally lighter and can travel longer distances between charges.

For supercar companies, the price is high, but they will stop in the long run. The supercar market is small, but profitable. Consumer research firm said it will sell about 150,000 supercarriers, estimated at $ 130,000 to $ 13 million this year. By 2026 the number could reach 220,000.

When Daimler bought YASA, Walmer said he asked the company to build a small and light engine.

He said that the new technology is often seen in the more expensive cars.

Chris Harris leads YASA. With the exception of Daimler, companies such as Ferrari can use the engines. “They want us to continue working with our Supercar customers because this is a priority,” he said.

Mate Rimac runs the Croatian company Rimac. Builds one step more than super cars. Rimak is currently working with Volkswagen’s two best brands: Bugati and Porsche to build super fast cars.

The British brand, now owned by companies in China and Malaysia, plans to release its full electric supercar by 2026.

Another company, Har-FAW, is owned by Chinese and American companies and manufactures electric cars in Italy Inspiration as if Aerospace Industry. He says some parts are less than 20 percent of traditional car parts.

Har-FFA Vice President Roberto Fedelli says weight loss is more important than energy.

Once the car parts, motors and batteries are light and can generate the same amount of power as traditional supercar, one test remains – how long do the batteries need to charge?

It may not be a problem for people who want to drive their cars to a race track. However, for those who want to take their supercar on long journeys, there may be even better technology.

“Batteries in Huge They never carry the revolution, the energy that the tank carries. ”

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Words in this story

Battery – n. A device stored in a machine (such as a watch, toy or car) to supply electricity

Motorcycle – n. A two-wheeled vehicle driven by a motor and carrying one or two people

Inspiration – v. To make someone (someone) want to do something : To give an idea (of someone) what to do or create

Aerospace – n. An industry that deals with the travel of the Earth’s atmosphere and beyond and the production of vehicles used in such journeys

Huge – adj. Large in size or degree