Tesla’s latest earnings report It was a roller coaster ride for shareholders and EV fans.

There were a few revelations, such as vehicle delays, general production issues, and a more positive, more consumer demand for Tesla. But CEO Elon Musk, in his July 26 quarterly report, was particularly concerned about him.

“Public sentiments toward [electric vehicles] It is changing, ”Musk said in his opening remarks. I think almost everyone agrees that electric vehicles are the only way forward.

It does all of them Do you agree? And we really are Is it limited to driving in your mother’s Toyota Prius if you want a suitable ride for the planet? Let’s go inside.

The short answer is “no” – Even Musk himself realizes that EVs are not the only answer, often in the process of rebuilding public transportation. But as he approaches, he often tends to do something less and less important. For example, the boring company has created caves on its website to “solve traffic” and “enable point-to-point transportation”.

“Oh,” like a “subway”? Well … of course only for Tesla Caves. And while the conversation is designed to be much faster than the subway, the reality of the boring company at the Las Vegas Convention Center loop, which is currently the only operating cycle, is far less sexual.

A.D. According to 2021 reports, the tunnel’s top speed was 40 miles per second, some New York City subway lines were slower than 45 mph, and unlike the subway, the LVC cycle was more vulnerable to traffic.

Musk also tried to restore existing public transportation, but those ideas never put it off the page. Take the idea of ​​Hyperloop transportation, which involves dipping passengers between destinations such as a blind train. This eventually leads to a boring company, which means you have the opportunity to shoot in the country like Air Hockey Park at any time in the near future.

Musk has also come up with the idea of ​​a Tesla bus or minivan since 2016, but so far nothing has come of it.

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So, about EVs – Music may be avoided by public transportation, because he does not like it voluntarily. At a rally in November 2017, Musk said, “Public transportation is a disease.”

Continued –

“Why do you want to get something? […] Doesn’t that go where it goes, it doesn’t start where it started, it doesn’t end where you want it to end? And as a group of random guests, there is one [whom] It can be a series killer. ”

Let’s hope that one of the random guests at LVCC Teslas right now is not a musical killer.

People were outraged by the music, which disrupted the transportation system, which was affordable and convenient for millions of people. But we will come there. Musk does not like public transportation, so it is involved in activating cars. That’s not a bad thing at all: for people who want to drive, EVs are a great free entry point for a sustainable lifestyle.

But they should be on the sidewalk, not the ultimate goal. Private transportation leads to traffic, which causes accidents and pollution (not everyone has an EV). The United States’ drive for cars is also one of the main reasons behind the desertification of 19 million people. (If you can’t afford a car and the bus never comes to your countryside, how do you get to a grocery store many miles away?)

The list goes on – EVs are expensive, not every neighborhood has a charging station or are inaccessible, and EVs are often designed to make driving difficult for people with disabilities.

Science – EVs are not perfect – This emphasis on cars is linked to another force that threatens to destabilize us all – overdrinking

Teslas may be very green, but it is not produced. At least we don’t think so. (Tesla does not specify greenhouse gas emissions for a company that will continue to expand globally.)

Studies show that in general, the production of EVs is more polluting than the production of traditional cars. according to Politics, Only a lithium-ion battery can emit CO2 emissions while driving a gas-powered car Two years. The discovery of the “super-stupid” hydrogen fuel cell for lithium ions does not help.

Of vice versa Analysis – EVs are a great alternative to traditional vehicles, but they have many social and technical problems to be our “only way”. It is better to consider all our options carefully, rather than sticking to the right conditions, as the climate crisis is like a soft fog before us.

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