About a decade ago, electric vehicle inputs were farcical. An uncomfortable situation for car companies. Expensive and slow-moving, cars built with their tongues for anything, mainly due to regulatory pressure to compensate for the intended carbon footprint of the popular Pickup trucks and SUVs. Fast forward to ten years, and we are seeing unprecedented commitment from automobiles to build the next generation of electric vehicles in many sectors, including full-size pickup trucks, utility vehicles and performance vehicles. The Ford Motor Company is a unique example of this, with a satisfying, 115-mile Ford Focus EV, a 300-plus mile Mustang Mach-E electric SUV, and the upcoming F-150 Lightning full-size electric car.

What facilitated this change in priorities? If you had asked Ford Motor Company CEO Haw Tai-Tang, it would have been Tesla.

In an interview, Haw Tai-Tang said: Muscle cars and trucks.

Haw Tai-Tang currently serves as the chief production officer and operations officer for Ford Motor Company. He was previously Ford’s chief product development and procurement officer and was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s product design, engineering and development, as well as overseeing procurement. He reports to Ford General Manager Jim Farley.

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How Ford Motor Company Fights Tesla

It could be Tesla Brand du Jor B nuevo rich And it is clear that Elon Musk and Tesla Stants may have changed the face of the automotive industry forever. However, cars such as the Ford Motor Company were on it, and since then Tesla has taken to the streets.

“We have the scale. We can re-use motors, batteries, inverters, chargers, vehicles – we have many dimensions, ”Tai-Tang explained. However, the vehicle that does not push the rest of the vehicle – the chassis, the interior, the seats, the IP, the HVC – can be shared with our ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles. We have built five million vehicles, and Tesla is trying to reach one million.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric SUV is now a testament to the seriousness of the car. Using Mustang branding, design language, and stunning vehicle variability, the controversial SUV has sparked enough demand and sales to erode its competitor Tesla Model 3’s market share.

The next chapter in the history of Ford EV will be the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Peak, which currently holds more than 120,000 seats. Unlike Tesla Cybertrack, the F-150 Lightning has a more compact design language, and has all the functions that wholesale shipping companies require from their trucks. He even has the right leader. Lightning also uses the legacy of the previous F-150 Lightning Sport truck, and celebrates its name in just 4.4 seconds in 4-60 seconds. President Joe Biden’s Statement to the Media.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck EV
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Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck EV Motor Company
Image copyright Steven Fam, muscle cars and trucks

Others have tried, some have succeeded

By $ 3030, $ 30 billion in electric vehicle development – despite a promise made by Ford Motor Company – the argument is that people still don’t really want EVs, but they simply want Tesla. Although there are many analysts, look no further than the sales of many European electric vehicle inputs to get Elon EV off the road. It has not gone as far as expected, with total USV sales falling by 11 percent by 2020 (although we have the epidemic to thank for that). Nevertheless, Haw Tai Tang Tesla thinks it is still a high-demand product, although it does not make electric vehicles.

“If Tesla had an ICE vehicle, but had their electric updates with air updates and autopilot, would it be attractive? I think so. ”

Interestingly, Haw Tai-Tang once appeared in Tesla in 2007 as the company’s CEO. Power Game – Tesla, Elon Musk and Age House, A book recently published in the Wall Street Journal by Tim Higgins. The company finally named Zev Drore as CEO in late 2007, replacing Elon Musk a year later.

Ford F-150 Lightning logo
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