The luxury hybrid and electric cars section is full of competition. US News has recently published a selection of the six best luxury hybrids and electric cars from 2021, and it is difficult to argue with them. Real luxury cars play comfortably, smooth and plentiful speed and convenient services with minimal compromise. Although some of these cars are missing in some areas, they all offer a unique driving experience in their own way. Here are six news from US News for the best luxury hybrids and electric cars from 2021 onwards.

2021 BMW i3: Compact Fun

BMW i3 shown in Germany | Tobias Schwarz (AFP) (Photo by Tobias Schwarz / AFP by Getty Images

Despite its potential, BMW’s i3 scores a wide range of sources. It has 181 horsepower and can travel up to 200 miles. It weighs 30 3,309 for an electric car, but it’s not easy to see where it weighs when you’re in the closet. The i3 offers a narrow interior, which will be smaller when traveling on the highway. I3 can be a fun experience for the driver alone. The rear wheel-drive platform provides strict and responsive handling. It is not uncommon to take i3 for track day.