All Electric Mercedes EQS may be one of the most important cars in the company’s history. And that says a lot, because that’s the whole set of stories.

Mercedes-Benz and its direct ancestral companies have been building cars longer than any other company on earth. Ten years before Henry Ford built his first car, in 1886, Carl Benz claimed ownership of a gas engine.

Throughout that history, Mercedes Benz has been a major supplier of luxury cars. Over the past few decades, if you want a good, comfortable car for hundreds of thousands of dollars in inflation, very few of your best choices have really included Mercedes and maybe a few European competitors and maybe Lexus.

But Mercedes is facing a global transition to electric cars that will bring completely new competitors to the market. Not only Tesla, but new startups like Lucid and Faraday are bringing, or are planning to bring, high-end luxury cars in the next two years, and they are threatening that small market with new competition.

Mercedes has taken great strides in creating an electric version of its flagship, brand-name car. This is like a Porsche Electric 911 or Jeep Electric Wrangler. Those things weren’t there yet, but when they do, it will be important that those vehicles are done correctly because the brand is driving them. Mercedes, along with EQS, brought the brand into the electric era. With a lot of hard work along the way, Mercedes now has the potential to catch up on future electric car buyers with the upcoming cheaper models. As every new race enters the market – startups like Tesla and Lucid and traditional competitors like Audi – Mercedes starts in force.

CNN Business has rolled out the new electric Mercedes around California’s Central Coast, and with the new EQS, the world’s oldest car company still has some twists and turns. This is not the first Mercedes electric car – for example the most ordinary B-class electric hatchback – but the most important. In the past, electric Mercedes followed the traditional automobile EV toy. They were refueling models and did not represent a priority for the cars found

But EQS is difficult. Like the Mercedes descriptive model, the electric version occupies a crown in the luxury car line. EQS is basically a general electric power on a Mercedes high-end S-class sedan, typically the largest, richest and most expensive car in the lineup.

Mercedes didn’t really put batteries in the S-Class. EQS is a completely different car designed and balanced like a completely electric luxury car. It may seem strange in photographs. Without a large internal combustion engine, the hood is relatively short. To maximize storage space, EQS is a hatchback with a twisted rear end rather than a separate trunk. (It does not have a trunk, and the hood does not open.) To give a sense of size to other cars or people around, the EQS may look like a Honda Civic, or a Nissan Senta. In the real world, though, it is the exact size and height of a luxury car.

In terms of performance. It is more than meets the requirements. The EQS 450+, a low-powered version, has a 329 horsepower electric motor that drives the rear wheels. The EQS 580 has two engines, one for the front wheels and the other for the rear, a combined 516 horsepower. It can go from zero to 60 in just four seconds.

These figures are impressive for a large car, but some expensive electric cars may not turn around in less than three seconds at 60 miles per hour. AMG, the Mercedes Operations Unit, will have its own 751 horsepower EQS capable of doing that, but it is not the main mission for this car. Mercedes knows what to do with a luxury car. It should not break your ribs and lower your brain from the back of your skull. He must be strong enough to not feel weak and incompetent.

In this regard, EQS is a masterpiece. Even with the gas-powered SS unit, driving is smarter and more balanced. Although S-Class can run really fast, EQS really made me work. Even the low-power EQS 450+ 580 gives you the fast pace that makes you reconsider what integration really means.

It’s a Mercedes sedan in the “comfort” mode, and the EQS slides on a more sophisticated suspension than any other Tesla I’ve ever driven. With their heavy battery packs, electric cars often run on larger mounds, but the EQS has even a smoother control that allows you to forget a few hundred pounds more than your gas brother or sister.

With a four-wheeled steering wheel: the rear wheels move slightly forward and backward, and thanks to the low-gravity battery packs in the ground, the EQS takes corners like a very small sports sedan. Well-balanced, it can be really fun on a twisted road in a few cars that it manages. The emphasis is still on a comfortable ride, but I look forward to the necessary merits of the Mercedes-MMG variant.

Inside, EQS has what looks like a large touch screen, but it is not as big as it looks. The dashboard is a large glass panel that covers the entire width. In fact, there are three different screens under a large mirror. Behind the car is a “Measurement Cluster” screen, a multi-touch screen like most cars, and a screen in front of the passenger. Even when a “big screen” is lit from the car, it does not survive. It is immediately clear that these are three different rectangles that can be used. It looks great when you stop, but if I buy EQS, I choose one without the Mercedes ‘Hyper Screen’ option.

The lights and sounds inside are fully customizable. Electric cars generally do not make much noise, but the EQS driver can choose from a variety of motor-Ish noises: like a robot lion trembling — a trembling electric wheel — to give the user experience for driving experience. Colorful lighting can also be used to provide a warm, relaxed atmosphere or something like a 1977 nightclub. The lights can also be hit and changed color to respond to the car’s slowdown and speed, which is how I left it. , Because it’s fun.

Ready for the fight

Most of the technologies in EQS are shared with a gasoline partner, including a stunning virtual reality headset. This generates information in Windows, as most headers do, but in a way that things like navigation arrows seem to float in the right directions and dialogs they refer to. It’s an amazing technology that is really useful.

Then, of course, all the fun features are the ability to combine light effects, sounds, seat massage functions and create a relaxing or inviting atmosphere in the car. Some technological advances, such as the automatic rewinding of door handles as needed, are rarely accepted. (That other feature, and bug, shared for S-Class and Tesla Model S)

Prices for the EQS 480+ start at just over $ 102,000, while the more powerful all-wheel drive 580 starts at around $ 119,000. These models are eligible for $ 7,500 in federal electric vehicle tax credit, which does not mean that car buyers at this price point may care less.

Like the speedometer, the EQS EPA’s estimated driving range of 350 miles is better than many other cars, but it does not break the world. Luxury cars far outnumber the numbers and EQS Mercedes will be able to manage to a new state without changing its brand name.

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