As car manufacturers invest billions in EV projects and products, these investments begin to pay off. From battery-powered buses to the new LEVC electric black taxi, it is clear that the era of electric vehicles is slowly taking shape. Today, models such as the air-conditioned Rimac Nevera hypercar and the upcoming Tesla Roadster are popping up to predict the EVs, raising alarming numbers in the car industry.

That’s why the matching Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling EV in the world.

In addition, electric cars for daily use are now more efficient, if not more efficient, than ICE daily drivers. And this is great news for all EV fans. EV battery technology is rapidly evolving for long-time car builders and beginners competing to offer a wide variety of high-performance daily EVs. Here are some of the fastest models you can buy for the pacy daily EV on the market.

BMW iX3 – 112 mAh

White BMW ix3

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The iX3 is BMW’s second full electric car, arguably more practical than the i3 model. Based on BMW’s flagship X3, the iX3 offers future EV features alongside traditional design. However, the updated model features a more traditional M sports package than ever before.

2021 BMW iX3 test drive

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The BMW iX3 SUV has a 286 hp engine that can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in less than 6.8 seconds. In addition, the iX3 has an estimated 285-mile maximum range and a maximum speed of 112 miles, making it a reasonably fast day driver for short and long trips.

Volvo XC40 P8 Charging – 113MHz

XC40 charging face in motion

Via Volvo

Yes, full name is too long. But as the Volvo Girl EV model, the Volvo XC40 P8 charger is still designed to be the most versatile Volvo. The P8 is based on a 78 kW lithium-ion battery, which provides a universal drive by feeding the two electric motors mounted on each axle.

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Rear 3/4 view of the XC40 charging in Sage Green


Although it weighs 4,900 pounds, the Volvo XC40 P8 is a fun, fast-paced EV with unique handling. Power output at 402hp and a stunning 487lb-ft driving speed P8 speeds up to 60 miles per hour at 4.7 seconds and a reasonable 113 miles per hour.

Jaguar I-Pace – 124 mph

Jaguar I-Pace-9

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The Jaguar I-Pace boasts an air-conditioned and imaginative face. Although the luxury transit brand may limit its popularity among the major, the I-Pace offers flawless sports car handling.

Silver I-Pace rear 3/4 view

Via Jaguar America

Each IEP has a 286-mile range of 90 kWh battery pack with two electric motors to deliver 394hp and 512lb-ft torque. The Jaguar I-Pace 4.5-second for daily EV is 0 to 60 seconds and the top speed is 124mph by any measure.

Ford Mustang Match-E GT – 124 Mph

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As a motorist, Ford Mustang Mach-EGT’s differences push the family’s name in a new direction. Like the piston-powered Mustang cousins, Ford has made enough improvements to increase performance-enhanced electric GT.

The rear of the Mustang Mach-E GT


Although the tire burners are off the table, the Mustang Mach-E GT’s powerful engines deliver 480 hp and 600 lb-ft torque. The GT model rockets add up to an additional 34 pounds-ft to push forward by 3.8 seconds at a claimed speed of 60 miles per hour, and the GT version performance by 3.5 seconds.

Polestar 2 Long Range – 127 Mph

Polestar_2_2022-01 @ 2x

Via Polestar

After switching from Volvo to an independent electric shot, Polstar made a limited edition of the headline. However, the Polestar 2 model has a solid front-wheel drive single engine or all to keep the company on the map. -Tire drive with dual engine configurations.

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All-Electric 2021 Polster 2

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As expected, the two-engine Polestar 2 Long Range is faster than its sibling, clocking an impressive 127 miles per hour. The single-engine processor has 231 hp, allowing the Polster 2 to run at 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds. On the other hand, climbing into a two-engine variant translates to 408 hp and neck-breaking 4.5 seconds 0-60 miles per hour.

Audi E-Tron S Sportback – 130 Mph

2021 Audi E-Tron Sportback

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E-Tron Crossing was an amazing success; Therefore, it is appropriate for Audi to introduce performance-focused e-Tron S and E-Tron S SportBack. The ‘S’ models feature a revolutionary three asynchronous engine configuration consisting of two independent rear motors and a single engine.

All-Electric 2021 Audi E-tron Sportback

By: Audi

E-Tron S models have a 95 kW unit similar to standard E-Trons, EPA is estimated at 208 miles on standard E-Tron S models and 212-mile range on E-Tron S Sportback. From Audi estimates, the E-Tron S and E-Tron S Sportback will clear 0-60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds, with a maximum speed of 130 miles.

Mercedes Benz EQS – 130MHz

Mercedes EQS front 3/4 view on the move


EQS is the first model designed for the new Mercedes Benz electric platform for the EQU sub-brand. As a luxury lifting salon, many see the EQS as an electric alternative to the S-Class model. However, like the previous Mercedes Benz EVs, the core EQS is not derived from any existing ICE model.

EQS side on the move


The Mercedes-Benz EQS has a 329hp rear-drive EQS450 + and 516 hp all-wheel-drive EQS50 4Matic, all with a 107.8 kW battery for up to 350 miles. The rear-wheel drive model speeds up to 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds, with the most powerful all-wheel drive difference being 4.1 seconds.

Porsche Taikan Turbo S. Cross Tourism – 155m

The Titan Cross Turimo in motion


Wait, are the coaches cool again? Well, the impressive start of the Titan Turbo S. Cross Tourimo will make you reconsider your opinion on them. Like the cousin of the Titan Sedan, the Cross Turimo features advanced dual-speed transmission and advanced electric architecture.

This is what we expect from Porsche over the next three years.


Cross turbine is controlled by two electric motors generating up to 750 hp. The cruise control allows the cruise to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour to 2.7 seconds per second and 155 miles per second, making it a family-friendly EV cart for faster numbers.

Tesla Model X – 163MHz


By: Tesla

Tesla has made significant improvements to the Model X to keep pace with the growing SUV market, making it one of the highest-performance electric SUVs ever built. Although there are many nice features to admire on the Model X, the storage space, seating configuration and dragging capacity should be among the best highlights.

ModelX-Home Page-D

By: Tesla

The Tesla Model X’s 360-mile three-wheeled all-wheel-drive platform offers 1,000 hp in Long Range trims and 1,020 hp in torque. The Model X range ranges from 0-60 miles per hour to 3.8 seconds and does not reach 155 miles per hour. In any case, the slide cutter can be purchased at a speed of 2.5 seconds 0-60 miles per hour and a maximum speed of 163 miles per hour.

Tesla Model S Play – 200MHz

Tesla Model S - Red

Via Tesla

What about setting up the Tesla Model S Plaid as a daily driver record? While this may seem absurd, the Tesla Model S Play is the fastest and most advanced production vehicle on the planet. And the best part? It is still valid as a Base Model S, with the same four-seat configuration and larger cargo space.

Tesla Model S - Rear Quarter Panel

Via Tesla

The Tesla Model S Ply offers a full-time full-wheel drive, with a combined 100kWh tray-engine configuration and single-speed transmission, increasing the combined output to 1,020 hp. Sixty miles per hour is within Tesla’s 1.99 seconds, and the maximum speed is 200 miles per hour. Although the Audi e-Tron GT and Porsche Tykan model S Plaid challenged the performance and comfort, the superior 390-mile range and semi-autonomous driving undoubtedly put it at the top of the pyramid.

Rimac Nevera - Front quarter
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