Something that could damage the battery life is “overcharging.”

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As more and more Tesla and other manufacturers such as Ford, Audi and BMW change and improve each model, electric cars will feel like the future. However, little is known about the fact that every year electric cars lose a small amount of space compared to previous years.

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Is lithium-ion battery damage as bad as it sounds?

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Lithium-ion batteries currently used on average in electric vehicles lose 1-2% per year. These batteries are durable and long-lasting and are designed to be easily accessible from a vehicle designed to last. Lithium-ion batteries move everything from our smartphones and laptops to our electric vehicles and are designed to last longer and give us the benefit of continuing to recharge our batteries without losing the battery permanently. Something that could damage the battery life is “overcharging.” To protect the battery life of an electric car, it is best to charge only 80% of the battery capacity and do everything possible to keep the battery from running to zero. By doing these two simple things, the battery will last longer and prevent rapid decay. According to, owners of the Tesla Model S estimate that approximately 95% of the battery is charged during the first 50,000 miles. So, 150,000 miles caused an average of 10% overall battery failure. Typically, you do not need to consider replacing your battery until the failure reaches 50-65%. The new technology, known as state-of-the-art, is said to have a high capacity of 1,000 miles and charging times for only five minutes.

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Is 1-2% a concern?

In the end, the answer is no. With the battery life of your electric car declining slightly each year, with the warranty provided by auto manufacturers, the vehicle itself may be the first to go. Considering its durability, it is important to remember that the battery lasts longer than the car. Electric cars are being announced and released every year and more studies and improvements will be made next year. A.D. In the 2022 Ford Lightning announcement, the batteries in these powerhouses are guaranteed to last longer than the original Tesla model for sale to the public. From then on, each new vehicle comes with its own changes in battery life. The only time to worry is if you are in danger and the battery is damaged, this can cause problems not only with battery life but also with countless other issues. If you are concerned about the battery life of your car, talk to your car manufacturer or local dealer but do not worry.

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