Tojiji launches new consumer-data-intensive, fast-paced and fast-paced “Transformation Concept Smart Device” at the world’s largest consumer electronics show in the western US.

Turkey’s first in-house “smart” concept could be paired with smart cities that offer more than just cars, company officials said. (AA)

Turkey’s international technology brand Tojiji has unveiled its all-electric car at a major consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, USA.

TOGG launches new “Transformation Concept Smart Device” – Electric Fast Response – on CES 2022 on Wednesday.

According to Gurkan Caracas, CEO of TOGG, TOGG is at a geographical crossroads where east and west, mind and emotions meet.

“In a new world where the automotive industry is rapidly evolving into the mobile ecosystem, we are creating user-centered and information-driven solutions,” Caracas added.

TOGG aims to differentiate its objectives from other global competitors by developing a concept of “case mobility” that includes “data-based business models”, “new mobile services”, “Smart Life” and “Smart Battery Charging”.

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‘User-oriented’ products

Caracas The telephone industry has changed in consumer perception and today it is a car industry.

“In the near future, more efficient, creative, collaborative, user-focused organizations will be more effective,” he added.

Turkey’s first in-house “smart” concept can be combined with smart cities that offer more than just cars.

The company plans to produce one million vehicles in five different sectors by 2030.

The first CV in C-Class will begin in the first quarter of 2023 after completing its homosexual tests.

It will be the first full-size electric SUV to be produced by a non-traditional manufacturer in Europe.

In December, Turkey unveiled the full range of electric and C-class models of SUVs and sedans.

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Technology shows under the epidemic

In the United States, CES opened in Las Vegas, despite the addition of CV-19 cases.

One of the main items on the menu for the 2022 edition is transportation, increasing electricity and autonomy.

While there are some obvious gaps in the screen – after high-profile companies such as Amazon and Google eliminate the threat of the virus – badge techno-entrepreneurs, reporters and fans flooded the space.

From the robots of humans to the automobiles, the universal technology gadgets, concepts, and prototypes were on display.

The show went on and on – with the participation of nearly two dozen nations – as the organizers emphasized their vaccination and mask requirements.

The event was adjourned one day until the end of Friday and With less than half of the more than 4,500 exhibitions last seen in person in 2020, the size of the event will be drastically reduced – before the outbreak looms in the United States.

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Source: TRTWorld and Agencies