GMC Hummer EV SUV off-road.

In the early 90’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor, finally a politician and a man who would “return”, pushed for the sale of the military Humve. Suddenly he and many, many other military-type vehicles were rolling in H1, determined to look good on the road.

A.D. At the end of 1999, General, a military-grade Hume and H1 manufacturer, renamed Hummer for GMA. Then the H2 unveiled a much larger, more polarized SUV. And In 2010, Hammer’s sign went down the road to Dodo and Saturn.

As soon as GMC decides to renew the Hummer name board as part of the GMC brand, it will be up to 2020. But in this case, the studio apartment will not be a gas-powered vehicle. Instead, the size of a studio apartment is two electric vehicles.

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV and 2022 Hummer EV pickup arrive at your nearest charging station. Here are some of our favorite features.

Watts to Freedom

Watts is a launch control feature for the free GMC Hummer EV “supertrucks”. But the feature does more than promote the 9,046-pound Hummer EV from 0-60 miles in a stunning 3 seconds with a three-engine replacement pickup. When enabled, a series of on-screen animations, haptic feedback from the seat and sound signals prepare the driver for the experience as the vehicle lowers itself by 2 inches. Then they disappeared.

It looks like an amusement park ride rather than a character, and that’s why we love it and can’t wait to practice for ourselves.

350-plus mile range

When anyone mentions Eve’s topic, it is the number one question. For those who want to put Hammer on the road (but it may not be because they are big because it is big), they are happy to know that GM is targeting a Hammer EV truck 350 miles away. You may have severe urban stress in these vehicles, but they certainly do not identify anxiety.

200 kWh battery

GMC Hummer EV Ultium Platform

Everything about the upcoming Hummer EVs is great, including the battery pack. Using the GM Ultimate Electric Vehicle Platform, it was rated at 200 kW. For comparison, the Tesla model has a battery pack with a capacity of 100 kWh. In fact, that huge battery is one of the reasons why the vehicle weighs 9,046 pounds.

800-volt, 350-kW DC fast charging capacity

Charging condition on Hummer EV

To charge that 200 kWh battery pack, you need to be able to push as many electrons into the vehicle as possible. GM has opted for an 800-volt architecture that supports a 350 kW charge through a DC fast charger. Other fast-moving cars on the market are the Hyundai Ionix 5, the Kia EV6, and the Genesis GV60. All of these vehicles are amazed at the majesty of the Hummer EV as they line up faster than other EVs.

Super Ship

Hummer EV is engaged with Super Cruise

The GMS hands-free driver support system is available as an alternative to Hammer EV. Originally located in Cadillac luxury cars, the driver assistance system is now landing in selected GM vehicles. It allows drivers to keep their hands off the steering wheel during operation. The driver still has to pay attention to the road and traffic and is controlled by a sensor in the steering column.

Also, Super Cruz is already working on maps only to support it. So do not expect light to shine on your way back. Still, it is one of the most advanced driver support systems on the market today, and will soon be in a giant EV Hammer.


Ultravision display on Hummer EV.

With 18 cameras available for release and 17 on the SUV, UltraVision provides real-time views of drivers around the world and under Hammer EV. For those who dare to venture off the road, these cameras can replace a hacker that prevents the driver from making a serious mistake. There is also a washing process if they are dirty, and the lens protections can be replaced.


2024 Hummer EV interior

Like the former gas-victim, the Hummer EV has a spacious interior with enough bedrooms in the back seat to accommodate three adults. In front of it, a 13.4-inch touch screen captures the vehicle’s data center. Beneath it are the right buttons for controlling the weather, driving options and functions like a warm steering wheel.

By design, the interior is filled with what appears to be dozens of H letters. One interesting aspect is the reference to the moon. The dead pedal resembles the imprint of Neil Armstrong. There is also a map of the sea of ​​peace in the speaker grid and the central console cube.

Crab Walk

Hummer EV CrabWalk feature.

While rear-wheel drive is not new or even fictional at the moment, the steering wheel’s ability to turn up to 10 degrees can result in a dramatic behavior that can drive drivers out of a narrow space.

Hammer’s low-speed crab traction can rotate all four wheels in one direction. With this feature, drivers can move diagrams to navigate a difficult obstacle, whether it is a large boulder on the road or a group of shopping carts in a mall.

Infinite roof

GMC Hummer EV SUV Infinity Roof.

With four clear removable module components, the Hammer is the largest convertible EV off-roader you may not know. Parts of the roof are housed in a large front beam, which means the ability to walk Alfresco while traveling.

off road

GMC Hummer EV SUV off the road.

Hamer EV holds the road DNA, as you would expect from a vehicle that was a military-type transport vehicle in another life. Face differences can be locked. In addition, the rear motors rotate both rear wheels simultaneously, simulating the locking difference.

The vehicle supports torque vectoring, which controls the power sent to each rear wheel. There are also full underwear to protect the underside of the vehicle. Finally, the adapter can lift the vehicle halfway in extra mode to help drivers navigate the water and avoid major obstacles.

Power station generator

Hammer Eve Lights

Last but not least is the power station generator. Like the Ford F150, the Hummer EV SUV has its own power supply option. Provides 19.2kW AC charger, charging other EVs (240v / 25A / 6kW) and generator capabilities (120v / 25A / 3kW) for mounting electronics for tails or campers. The power station will be in the Hummer EV pickup in the future. Check out the GMC Hummer EV models for sale