Southern – Epidemic Although the epidemic has hit hardest in most commercial industries, the Oxford-based businessman and entrepreneur Ed Gilchrest Gyre9 is one of the lucky ones to see growth and success.

Gyre9 produces a wide range of products. However, Gyre9’s contract with JuiceBarEV in Norway is in the interest of electric car chargers, which has led to steady growth.

Since the current location allows for a maximum of 50 chargers per week, Gilchrist will move to a larger location in Southampton this fall. Gilchrist will relocate to a larger facility and hire an additional 100-150 workers and will be able to produce 1,000 chargers a week.

“Our charging division is growing at a faster pace than any other manufacturer,” says Gilchrest. “Our facility in Oxford is small and has 11,000 square feet. We had to move and look for more space to grow production.