Zimbabwe has started accepting electric cars from the government, purchasing six electric vehicles from a Chinese company through the Central Mechanical Equipment Division (CMAD).

Some cars are now used as transports at the Driving School, EasyGo and the rest at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

The vehicles, and the charging infrastructure now based on the CMED Harare Depot, were purchased from BIDAD, a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, bicycles, electric bicycles, follicles, and rechargeable batteries. CMA Managing Director Davison Mika then presented the cars to Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Felix Mona and plans to purchase more electric cars.

The use of electric vehicles has many advantages, they are environmentally friendly, electricity is a renewable resource unlike gasoline or diesel, they are more expensive and require less maintenance and are quieter than internal combustion engines.

BYD e6 is a multi-purpose multi-purpose compact vehicle manufactured by BYD since 2009.

The first-of-its-kind model field test was launched in May 2010 in the Chinese city of Henzen, with 40 classrooms operating as taxis.

The sale to the general public began in October 2011, two years after the planned release date in early 2009.

Until September 2009, several BYD e6 units were operated by boat in China, Indonesia, Colombia, Belgium, the United States (New York and Chicago), the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.